Details about the Flames' new arena, coming soon


On Aug. 18 - next Tuesday - the Flames will be announcing new details of their proposed arena.

Apparently, one of those ideas might just be further uniting all of Calgary's sports teams; as it stands right now, the Stampeders are the only ones separated from the rest (but a football field is pretty different from a rink, so it's understandable).

And the Flames may be looking for city money. It does sound like the proposed fieldhouse will be open to the public when the Stamps aren't using it, though, which is fairly reasonable.

Nothing is set in stone - nothing is ever set in stone in regards to the Flames' new arena, which we really haven't learned anything new about over the years - but it does sound like some progress is being made. We'll have the details for you as they become ready on Aug. 18.

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