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Michael Frolik by the numbers

Frolik became a highly coveted forward in what many regard as a weak UFA class this summer. Make no mistake, Frolik is an excellent add to this Calgary Flames squad.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The overarching theme of getting more offensive zone time took another huge step forward this morning. With the signing of Michael Frolik, the Calgary Flames took the opportunity to desperately improve a weak RW position. Frolik is an analytics darling to say the least, and an underrated player overall. Fortunately general manager Brad Treliving held firm to his decree this morning.

All data and visuals use even strength numbers.

HERO Chart via Own The Puck

  • Over the last three seasons, Frolik has been a fantastic second/third line winger producing offense at a very respectable rate. Primarily in his first assists and primary points ratio.
  • The real key here is his impact on his linemates. With Frolik on the ice, his linemates have been producing CF60 at a first line rate. His CF% impact on his linemates is a breath of fresh air for the Flames as we know possession issues maligned them all year.
  • When it comes to CA60 (Corsi Against Per 60), Frolik's value shines yet again, and is an incredible feat. Again, something the Flames struggled with and should see an improvement on this fall.
  • Really, the only detraction shown above is his GA60. Relative to the Flames for example, this isn't a glaring concern. Though, it's still something to keep in mind.

In a similar vein of the visuals we used to explain how great Dougie Hamilton is, we'll use the same ones to illustrate some clear points. That is to say, Michael Frolik is exactly what teams are looking for in this era. An overarching theme of what Frolik brings is his ability to elevate those around him. Hopefully we should no longer be taking fourth line players and sticking them with Mikael Backlund. Literraly do this instead: X - Backlund - Frolik.

Predominately, much of Frolik's career has revolved around the Better O / Better D section. He is 27 now, still in his prime, and it's very likely for him to continue this way throughout much of his contract.

Finally, we'll examine some three year samples which, again, reinforce everything else shown above: Frolik is great at both generating and limiting shot attempts. The blue highlighted circle is from 2013-15 indicating Frolik, while on the ice, relative to his teammate was -4.0 CA60 and 4.6 CF60, which is fantastic. It's all necessary for the Flames to be a serious threat in the immediate future.

The 2013-15 sample in dark red showed a 0.0 GA60 relative to his teammates and 0.3 GF60; again, very good for him. His career, also in red, has shown growth in areas, indicating improvement overall which is incredibly promising for the Flames.

Overall, the Flames got an unbelievable deal on Frolik. He'll be 32 when his contract expires, covering the last part of the prime of his career. The Flames offered a year extra and a bit more cash to land him, and it's very likely to be one of the best contracts signed for the team.