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UFA's David Schlemko, Raphael Diaz, and Karri Ramo end up in the Top 50 Plays of 2014-15 Season

The Calgary Flames made the Sportsnet Top 50 Plays of 2014-15 not once, not twice, but THREE times. And they're all players who may not be around next season.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames ended up in Sportsnet's Top 50 Plays of 2014-15 three times. That many entries on the list ain't too shabby.

Three plays by three upcoming UFA's: Raphael Diaz, David Schlemko, and Karri Ramo.

The plays are pretty memorable, and there's nothing wrong with reliving them all over again:

#49 - Raphael Diaz presents: The Raph-around

Diaz was a quiet, steady presence on defence. He wasn't too flashy. Then this happened at the end of March. It was unsuspecting - probably why the Stars let him skate around the net - and showed his patience.

M&G graded Rapha's performance way back at the beginning of June. No coincidence the goal video was included in there as well.

While it was a great goal, it didn't top the one from his main defensive partner:

#42 - David Schlemko ends it with The Schlem-GOAL

In his first game as a Flame, Schlemko ended up being exactly what was needed. He ended the season one for two on shootout goals, pulling out the Forsberg like he's done it a million times. The way he ended up on the ice was great too, with Hartley going off of the fact that Schlemko had scored in a shootout once before.

In case you missed it, the video was also in Schlemko's M&G report card.

Two awesome goals by two upcoming UFA defencemen. With Calgary's defence corps looking like Mark Giordano, TJ Brodie, Dougie Hamilton, Kris Russell, Dennis Wideman, and Deryk Engelland, there may not be room to keep both (although, if we could trade Wideman and Engelland, the cap situation would be even sweeter). It's unlikely Treliving and Co. keep Diaz around based on his usage, but Schlemko is a definite possibility. The Flames D situation is looking good - and that's wonderful to be able to say.

#25 - Karri Ramo robs JT Miller in the Big Apple

The Flames ended up losing this game to the New York Rangers, but it wasn't for lack of trying by the goalie. His reaction time was perfect as he got his glove out just in time to grab that puck and crush JT Miller's hopes.

Be sure to check out his report card tomorrow!

While he may be more highlight-worthy than Jonas Hiller, the fact is, Hiller is a proven starter, and Ramo is not. With Joni Ortio (probably) coming up next season, three goalies is just too many to carry. Not only is Hiller still on contract for another year, but he's a more veteran presence to help Ortio develop. It's highly likely the Flames let Ramo walk on Wednesday.

While they all landed themselves in the Top 50 of 2014-15, the truth is, the Flames can't keep them all around. May the teams who acquire Raphael Diaz, David Schlemko, and Karri Ramo reap their benefits - it was a great season.