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Flames select Andrew Mangiapane with the 166th pick

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Mangiapane is the second Barrie Colt to join the Flames this draft.

Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

In the sixth round, we're in the far reaches of this draft. Not many of these kids are likely to become NHLers. There are always diamonds to be found in the rough, though, so you have to try, and boy, the Calgary Flames are doing a hell of a job in their search for the next surprise.

At 166th overall, they have selected 19-year-old Andrew Mangiapane of the Barrie Colts. A teammate of Rasmus Andersson's, Mangiapane was skipped over in his initial draft year, but with an April 4 birthday, he's not particularly old.

Oh, and he can score. He may only be 5'10 and 170 lbs., but man, this is a kid who can score. Think... 104 points over 68 games this past season.

A sixth round pick is no risk at all, but Mangiapane is definitely a guy who could turn into something.

Size be damned. Mangiapane may not turn into anything, but his jump in points between his draft year and this certainly warrants a look, and for a sixth rounder, he's costing practically nothing.

We can think of another little, high-scoring left winger taken later in the draft who's worked out well in Calgary. Not saying the same thing will happen, but hey, that's what the draft is all about.