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Flames Day Two Draft Thread

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Still a larger crowd than a Panther's Game.
Still a larger crowd than a Panther's Game.
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The Calgary Flames already made their splash on day one by trading their first round pick along with two second rounders for Dougie Hamilton It's hard to see them making that much of an impact on day two, but they still have plenty picks left to make.  Will they be able to land the sleeper or the guy that drafts too far?  That remains to be seen.

Calgary is still a team on the rebuild and while last year was a huge step up there are still plenty of holes to fill particularly on the bottom lines and bottom pairings.  They particularly need help along the right wing and some decent left handed defensemen.  At the rate centres have been flying off of the board there are still plenty of opportunities for the Flames to fill those holes.  It's time to see what Brad Treliving can due to help fix the Flames.

You can watch rounds 2-7 right here:

And we'll continue with the live updates below.