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2015 Flames Draft Profiles: Round Three

Two picks in the third gives the Flames a chance to acquire some high-quality depth. Who will be the ones selected this year?

Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

The "crapshoot" mentality of the later rounds of the NHL draft is slowly disappearing. Year after year, teams have stopped throwing darts at draft lists and started heavily investing in mid to late-round scouting. And year after year, teams are rewarded with high value players found somewhere else than the first round.

The Flames are now starting to take note. Their mid-round drafting (defined as rounds three and four) has improved dramatically. From the 2000 to 2007 draft classes, 19 mid-round picks played 623 games for the team, whereas 14 mid-round picks have played 306 games from the 2008 to 2014 draft classes. Those numbers are skewed towards the 00-07 classes, but considering that most of the 08-14 players have only recently turned pro, they should surpass 623 games played in next to no time.

With a deep draft and two picks in the third round, the Flames are looking to draft more depth gold. Let's introduce you to some of the players who could be available when the Flames are called on Saturday:

There's very little video evidence of these prospects; such is third round life.

Pick #76

Adam Musil

DOB Position Shoots Height Weight NHL CS ISS NHLe (-1) NHLe
March 26th, 1997 C Right 6'3" 205 lbs #61 #104 10 13

Musil is a member of a prestigious sect of Czech hockey royalty: grandson of legend Jaroslav Holik, son of Frank Musil, nephew of Bobby Holik, and brother of David Musil. Of all these players, he models his game after his uncle, famed member of the Devils' "Crash Line" in the 90s. He is a grinder with offensive skill, and could one day become a Lance Bouma type, effective bottom six player.

Keegan Kolesar

DOB Position Shoots Height Weight NHL CS ISS NHLe (-1) NHLe
April 8th, 1997 RW Right 6'2" 216 lbs #65 #65 3

Another crash-and-bang style forward from the WHL. Kolesar is known for his defensive awareness, backchecking hard and frustrating opponents. His offensive game is limited, but he could become an effective player on a future bottom six shutdown line.

Simon Bourque

DOB Position Shoots Height Weight NHL CS ISS NHLe (-1) NHLe
January 12th, 1997 D
Left 6'0" 185 lbs #76 #190 3

Bourque is certainly an intriguing prospect. While he did grow significantly in all three areas of his game this year, he was still overshadowed and assisted by defensive partner Samuel Morin, making Bourque look better than he actually was (hence, ISS' ranking). He also tends to fall back into the crease-clearing, stay-at-home mentality that has gone away in the NHL recently. He's a bit of a wild card, but he has a very high upside. May be worth it.

Dante Salituro

DOB Position Shoots Height Weight NHL CS ISS NHLe (-2) NHLe (-1)
November 15th, 1996 C
R 5'8" 185 #109 #167 15 21 48

He was pushed to the side by other Ottawa 67's star Travis Konecny, but don't overlook Salituro. Scouts may not be high on him, but his points totals are promising. Even though he was a slightly older guy, he has been producing since day one in the OHL. Despite his size, he plays a fast, bruising game. Could be a steal in the third round.

Pick #83

Yakov Trenin

DOB Position Shoots Height Weight NHL CS ISS NHLe (-1) NHLe
January 13th, 1997 LW/C
Left 6'2" 194 lbs #48 #59 N/A 25

He's been dropping for whatever reason (most likely a potential "Russian Factor" issue), but Trenin's QMJHL stats speak for themselves. He was a high scoring, effective player on Gatineau, even participating in the Top Prospects game. Trenin is speedy with a good shot, but does have some defensive concerns. He's a project player, and if he develops the right way, he could be a very good middle six player.

Blake Speers

DOB Position Shoots Height Weight NHL CS ISS NHLe (-1) NHLe
January 2nd, 1997 RW
Right 5'11" 185 lbs #49 #105 16 29

Speers is a flashy, high-scoring winger with the Soo Greyhounds. One of the things that caught my eye about him is that he was described as a "possession player," one of those newly popular skills in the NHL. He is more of a role player than a generally good player, but he's certainly worth a few looks at #83.

Loik Léveillé

DOB Position Shoots Height Weight NHL CS ISS NHLe (-2) NHLe (-1)
September 25th, 1995 D
R 6'0" 220 #121 #182 6 10 17

I don't honestly know why he is ranked so low. Having watched him play live before, he certainly is a defenceman that eats minutes and owns the ice. Maybe his age scares away scouts, but I feel he could definitely be a steal should the Flames go for him. He's offensively minded, and a big body; two key elements of the Brian Burke era.

Maxim Tretiak

DOB Position Catches Height Weight NHL CS
May 21st, 1997 G L 6'3" 229

What better way to end the article the same way we started it? Here's another player who is steeped in hockey history. Grandson of legendary Soviet goalie (and some may argue, the best of all time), Maxim Tretiak is a skipped over prospect. We really don't know that much about him, as his performances have been all over the place in the MHL and for the Russian National Team. He's projected to go anywhere from the third to the sixth round, so he may be passed over by the Flames in this round and be picked up later.

We have one more lightning-round style post on the Flames in the final three rounds up before the remainder of the draft happens. Make sure you check it out!