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2015-16 Calgary Flames schedule released: Important dates, games, and highlights

In just a few short months, the Calgary Flames will be back, rested and ready to defend their playoff spot - and keep on growing.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

We already know the Calgary Flames will be opening their season at home against the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday, Oct. 7. They'll also be taking part in the Canucks' own home opener on Oct. 10, and the Winnipeg Jets' on Oct. 16.

That's just three games known, though. There are still another 79 to be determined... And here they are. After last season's Pacific dominance, we know just how important divisional games are, so all divisional games are bolded. They play each divisional rival five times, except for the Los Angeles Kings, who they will only face four times.

Day Date Visitor Home Time (MT)
Wed. Oct. 7 Vancouver Calgary 8:00 PM
Sat. Oct. 10 Calgary Vancouver 7:00 PM
Tue. Oct. 13 St. Louis Calgary 7:00 PM
Fri. Oct. 16 Calgary Winnipeg 7:00 PM
Sat. Oct. 17 Edmonton Calgary 8:00 PM
Tue. Oct. 20 Washington Calgary 7:00 PM
Fri. Oct. 23 Detroit Calgary 7:00 PM
Sun. Oct. 25 Calgary NY Rangers 7:00 PM
Mon. Oct. 26 Calgary NY Islanders 7:30 PM
Wed. Oct. 28 Calgary Ottawa 7:30 PM
Fri. Oct. 30 Montreal Calgary 7:00 PM
Sat. Oct. 31 Calgary Edmonton 8:00 PM
Tue. Nov. 3 Calgary Colorado 7:00 PM
Thur. Nov. 5 Philadelphia Calgary 7:00 PM
Sat. Nov. 7 Pittsburgh Calgary 8:00 PM
Tue. Nov. 10 Calgary Florida 7:30 PM
Thur. Nov. 12 Calgary Tampa Bay 7:30 PM
Fri. Nov. 13 Calgary Washington 7:00 PM
Sun. Nov. 15 Calgary Chicago 7:30 PM
Tue. Nov. 17 New Jersey Calgary 7:00 PM
Fri. Nov. 20 Chicago Calgary 7:00 PM
Tue. Nov. 24 Calgary Anaheim 7:00 PM
Fri. Nov. 27 Calgary Arizona 7:00 PM
Sat. Nov. 28 Calgary San Jose 7:00 PM
Tue. Dec. 1 Dallas Calgary 7:00 PM
Fri. Dec. 4 Boston Calgary 7:00 PM
Tue. Dec. 8 San Jose Calgary 7:00 PM
Thur. Dec. 10 Buffalo Calgary 7:00 PM
Sat. Dec. 12 NY Rangers Calgary 8:00 PM
Tue. Dec. 15 Calgary Nashville 7:00 PM
Thur. Dec. 17 Calgary Dallas 7:30 PM
Sat. Dec. 19 Calgary St. Louis 2:00 PM
Sun. Dec. 20 Calgary Detroit 7:00 PM
Tue. Dec. 22 Winnipeg Calgary 7:00 PM
Sun. Dec. 27 Edmonton Calgary 7:00 PM
Tue. Dec. 29 Anaheim Calgary 7:00 PM
Thur. Dec. 31 Los Angeles Calgary 7:00 PM
Sat. Jan. 2 Calgary Colorado 8:00 PM
Tue. Jan. 5 Tampa Bay Calgary 7:00 PM
Thur. Jan. 7 Arizona Calgary 7:00 PM
Mon. Jan. 11 San Jose Calgary 7:00 PM
Wed. Jan. 13 Florida Calgary 7:30 PM
Sat. Jan. 16 Calgary Edmonton 8:00 PM
Tue. Jan. 19 Calgary New Jersey 7:00 PM
Thur. Jan. 21 Calgary Columbus 7:00 PM
Sun. Jan. 24 Calgary Carolina 6:00 PM
Mon. Jan. 25 Calgary Dallas 7:30 PM
Wed. Jan. 27 Nashville Calgary 7:30 PM
Wed. Feb. 3 Carolina Calgary 7:30 PM
Fri. Feb. 5 Columbus Calgary 7:00 PM
Sat. Feb. 6 Calgary Vancouver 7:00 PM
Tue. Feb. 9 Toronto Calgary 7:00 PM
Thur. Feb. 11 Calgary San Jose 7:30 PM
Fri. Feb. 12 Calgary Arizona 7:00 PM
Mon. Feb. 15 Anaheim Calgary 4:00 PM
Wed. Feb. 17 Minnesota Calgary 8:00 PM
Fri. Feb. 19 Vancouver Calgary 7:00 PM
Sun. Feb. 21 Calgary Anaheim 4:00 PM
Tue. Feb. 23 Calgary Los Angeles 7:30 PM
Thur. Feb. 25 NY Islanders Calgary 7:00 PM
Sat. Feb. 27 Ottawa Calgary 8:00 PM
Mon. Feb. 29 Calgary Philadelphia 7:00 PM
Tue. Mar. 1 Calgary Boston 7:00 PM
Thur. Mar. 3 Calgary Buffalo 7:00 PM
Sat. Mar. 5 Calgary Pittsburgh 3:00 PM
Mon. Mar. 7 San Jose Calgary 7:00 PM
Wed. Mar. 9 Nashville Calgary 7:30 PM
Fri. Mar. 11 Arizona Calgary 7:00 PM
Mon. Mar. 14 St. Louis Calgary 7:00 PM
Wed. Mar. 16 Winnipeg Calgary 8:00 PM
Fri. Mar. 18 Colorado Calgary 7:00 PM
Sun. Mar. 20 Calgary Montreal 7:00 PM
Mon. Mar. 21 Calgary Toronto 7:30 PM
Thur. Mar. 24 Calgary Minnesota 7:00 PM
Sat. Mar. 26 Chicago Calgary 8:00 PM
Mon. Mar. 28 Calgary Arizona 7:00 PM
Wed. Mar. 30 Calgary Anaheim 7:00 PM
Thur. Mar. 31 Calgary Los Angeles 7:30 PM
Sat. Apr. 2 Calgary Edmonton 8:00 PM
Tue. Apr. 5 Los Angeles Calgary 7:00 PM
Thur. Apr. 7 Vancouver Calgary 7:00 PM
Sat. Apr. 9 Calgary Minnesota 6:00 PM

There are 10 back-to-backs for the Flames to look forward to this year, most of which fall right at the beginning of the season. Most involve travel, but there are some - games against the New York Rangers and then Islanders, or Calgary to Edmonton, or Anaheim to Los Angeles - that require very little.

The Christmas break has become an important time of the year for the Flames as of late, and the stakes couldn't have possibly been any higher during the 2014 holiday season. On an eight-game losing streak and in danger of falling out of the playoff hunt, Johnny Gaudreau scored a natural hat trick that eventually led to the Flames' win. Will we see similar heroics this year, when the Flames take on the Winnipeg Jets? Maybe. They'll return to action against the Edmonton Oilers, so it's a very Canadian Christmas coming up.

Speaking of breaks, the All-Star game is on Jan. 31 in Nashville. The last team the Flames play before going into the break? The Predators, but in Calgary, so it's not quite as convenient. Last year, the Flames were pretty well represented with Gaudreau and Mark Giordano. Will more show up this year? Hey, maybe; this is a growing team with some pretty elite talent coming up.

Included in this is Sam Bennett, who will absolutely be in the NHL for his first full season in 2015-16. Let's see how he does!

Finally, the Flames will close out the season against the Minnesota Wild. In 2014-15, things went right down to the wire against the Los Angeles Kings. Will we see something similar this time around? Who knows! This team is completely unpredictable, but wonderful, and we can't wait for the 2015-16 season to get started.