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2014-15 Flames report cards: Josh Jooris

At the start of the season, we all asked: "Who the heck is this kid named Josh Jooris?" Now, we're really excited at what he can do next season. Let's take a look at the young man who came out of nowhere.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I'll admit, when the season started I wasn't really paying attention to Josh Jooris and what he could do at the AHL/NHL level. Despite having a solid preseason with three goals in six games and having a decent rookie season in Abbotsford he ended up being a final cut. With all the hype around Johnny Gaudreau, sophomore Sean Monahan, and the hope that the Flames could build upon the small gains in a rebuild year, he seemed to be a second thought.

I regret that and it's probably one of my biggest misses of the year, personally. The former Union College centre went undrafted and attended three training camps in a span of three years. It wasn't until the third camp that the Flames signed Jooris. I guess it's Boston and Vancouver's loss now. He made his NHL debut on October 17th, scoring his first NHL goal, too. A damn good goal at that:

Jooris was used in a variety of rolls throughout his first NHL season. When Markus Granlund, Gaudreau, and Jiri Hudler stopped clicking he stepped up into a top six role. It didn't work out in the long run but from then on he was used on virtually every line, every unit, and found bouts of success: including scoring his first NHL hat trick December 2nd against Arizona.

Injuries did hit the rookie, limiting him to 60 games were he registered a very respectable 12 goals and 12 assists. His role in the playoffs seemed to revolve around keeping the penalty kill functional and he was a very crucial part of it as the post-season went on. The future looks bright for him, here's hoping he gets a contract shortly.

arii (B):

When Josh Jooris first came to the Flames, a friend of mine - a Union fan, actually - was really excited. My response was basically, "Uh, okay?" because he didn’t have impressive numbers, and looked more like AHL fodder than anything else, but worth taking a chance on.

Jooris more than proved that he was worth it this season. He didn’t just have a strong training camp; he had a strong rookie year, even as he was shifted around throughout the entire lineup. One of the few righties on the team, he did more than provide a token presence down that often-barren side of the ice: he actually, in somewhat sheltered circumstances, controlled the puck and put up a fair number of points along the way.

Pretty great find for an undrafted player, and the Flames were lucky they ended up with him. He’s trending towards being an excellent depth player, and when you look around at championship teams, it becomes readily apparent just how important those guys really are. Jooris is probably going to be one of them, but in the meantime: awesome rookie year from someone not on anyone’s radar this time a year ago.

Mike FAIL (B):

We call him JoJoo on Hockey Twitter. It’s a great nickname and no one knows who we’re talking about. What’s more entertaining is when you say the name Josh Jooris and no one knows who you’re talking about still. He was THE BEST possession forward at even strength: 47% CF and 49.44% FF. Josh Jooris can drive play in difficult situations, play on the PK, and provide secondary scoring. Like Byron, he is of the breed of the new bottom six forward. The kind of guy you want on your team.

I love this kid, seriously. Okay, well he is only two years younger than me but he is fantastic in a bottom six role. Excuse me while I continue to wax poetic about JoJoo.

HockeyGoalieEh (B):

Josh Jooris was a splendid surprise this season for the Flames and looks like the type of player who could contribute long term as a bottom six player. He was a possession driver extraordinaire and he averaged the second fewest scoring attempts against per 60 on the penalty kill, only trailing Joe Colborne.

He’ll likely never be a superstar player, but he’s a fantastic asset to have as a bottom six player and can play second line minutes in a pinch. The penalty killing might not carry over, but if it does that will be his bread and butter going forward. The light contract makes it all the sweeter for the Flames.

saltysyd (A):

A completely unknown entity at the beginning of the season, JoJoo shone in the preseason. I remember being at the games and debating how you were supposed to pronounce his last name with my dad - we had no idea who he was, but we couldn’t stop talking about him. It bewildered me when he was sent to Adirondack after camp was over.

He deserved to make the team, and injuries allowed him to be called up early in the season. He’s a solid presence on the ice, he’s aggressive, and has the ability to make opponents make mistakes. His play on the PK impressed and his absence was evident. Points production should come as he develops, but he’s already a top possession player for the Flames - and that’s all we could ask for.

ctibs (B):

I was originally very skeptical of Jooris. His lackluster 2013-14 AHL season combined with the media hyping him as a hard worker (also used for guys like Bollig, McGrattan, etc) seemed to be a Hartley move that would pay little dividends for the club. I haven’t been happier to be wrong. Jooris has emerged as a good two-way player, top among the forwards for Corsi and Fenwick. He’s a good penalty killer, and his absence, due to healthy scratch or injury, was obvious. He hasn’t been a points producer, but I feel that will come in time.

LiamPMcMcausland (B):

Like a RKO, he came "outta nowhere." I love the guy. He drives play, he forces mistakes - for me, he’s the perfect spoiler. He’s never going to be a 30-goal a season guy, but he’s not supposed to be. More of the same please.

cofstats (B-):

He’s no Johnny Hockey, but Josh Jooris had one hell of a rookie season. To kick off his career he scored in his first NHL game on a highlight reel breakaway goal. A few games later he recorded his first multi-goal game, putting a couple of beauties past the undisputed best goalie in the world Carey Price. (The first of these was a rebound he skillfully dragged across the mouth of the crease while being defended by P.K. Subban. No big deal.) Then exactly one month after that, Jooris scored a hat trick. When all was said and done, he finished the season with 24 points in 60 games and proved to be one of Calgary’s best penalty killers.

This was easy for us and we've become quite enamored with Jooris, so we gave him a B. It wasn't hard, if the Calgary Flames wanted to use the "always earned, never given" mantra then look at an embodiment of it in Josh Jooris. He is 25 this summer, maybe a nice birthday gift is a new contract?