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Calgary Flames vs Anaheim Ducks: Round 2 Playoff Quotables

A round-up of some of the best quotes from Round 2 of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

started from the bottom.
started from the bottom.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Even though the Flames were dominated by the Ducks - at least they didn't get swept! - some fun was still had by all. Here's a look back at a tough series and the end to an amazing season for the Find-a-way Flames/Cardiac Kids/Calgary Third Periods.

As usual, quotes were pulled from the Calgary Flames website, or from Twitter/television coverage (unless otherwise stated).

The Funnies

... we had two white sheets on the walls in our offices that had strengths and weaknesses of the Ducks. We were running out of paper on the strength side, while the weaknesses side was still a blank piece of paper.

To be honest, I don't even know why we're going there, but we'll do our best.

Bob Hartley (Flames doing their homework to prepare for Ducks - April 28), tongue planted firmly in cheek

It's pretty easy math. You don't need a Harvard degree to figure out our situation. ... Obviously we're going to try to win them all.

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - April 29), or as he prefers to go by, Captain Obvious

I had a great time in Calgary. I was there for a little over three years and everybody was great. The fans were great, the team was great, the ownership was great, and the coaching staff was great. I got to play under Bob Hartley and their coaching staff for a little while and they were great to me.

Tim Jackman of the Ducks (Ducks Morning Skate Report - April 30), someone get buddy a thesaurus

Ah, you know, California's beautiful. You get to get a swimming lesson first, and then you get to practice. That's why you come to California. But there was no sharks.

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - May 2), on the over-flooded ice prior to practice.

We got a taste of what a really good playoff team is like.

Mikael Backlund (Flames look to even series in Game 2 - May 2), he who speaks the truth (and pokes a bit of fun at the Vancouver Canucks)

... we want to represent our community the right way, and it's with the blue-collar approach.

Bob Hartley (Flames look to even series in Game 2 - May 2), if you know Calgary, it ain't that blue collar - maybe he'd rather play in Edmonton?

Contracts don't matter to us. We're a pro organization, a very classy organization...

He's a pit bull, that kid.

Bob Hartley (Flames' Bennett not playing like a rookie - May 4), not sure it's 'classy' to state that so outright, Bob. But nice metaphor for Sam Bennett

If I was working with bombs, maybe minutes and seconds would be important, but in a game, I don't care about minutes.

Bob Hartley (Morning Skate Report - May 5), on his (over-) usage of Kris Russell, Dennis Wideman, and TJ Brodie

I love it, it feels like home. I played a lot of games here and went through a lot of different things. It's always a comforting feeling being in this building.

Ryan Getzlaf of the Ducks (Ducks Morning Skate Report - May 5), get outta here Getzlaf - and man if we could have dropped his banner just a bit so the flames from a goal would have lit it on fire

Thank goodness it was [Backlund] that jumped.

[Colborne] was hungry, but we looked at each other and he gave me the nod and I jumped on.

Joe Colborne and Mikael Backlund (Backlund's board jump caps Calgary's Game 3 comeback - May 6), dare to say, Joe's best call of the series

In many meetings, if you ask the guys, we talk about full memberships, and if you don't have a full membership, well, you're going to get a rebate. You're not going to play every game. That's the way it is; that's the rule we have.

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - May 6), if I can get a rebate I'll totally try out a full membership

Usually you're going to see a little player like this, he's going to be a power play artist and if you lead by a goal or two you put him right in the middle of the bench basically as the grocery stick separating the d-men and the forwards and say 'you've done your job' and we're going to try to sit on that one or two goal lead.

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - May 6), and thankfully he didn't see that in 'little' guy, Johnny Gaudreau

I thought for a second about doing a Theo Fleury (from game 6 in Edmonton in 1991) but he's a legend and I'm not really quite there.

Mikael Backlund (, no one would have faulted that Mickis - you deserved it

I chased him down as fast as I could. That might have been the fastest I skated all night.

Joe Colborne (, good to know, Joe (but adorable)

... I had a hat on and then it was time for the photo so I figured I'd fill [my hair] with water and push it right back.

Mikael Backlund (Flames Today - May 7), on his nod on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (cover photo)

It's true. I like the chief.

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - May 7), on his interest in Chicago Fire (the only TV he watches beside hockey)

The Fuzzy Feelings

Our players are role models. I have so much respect for my group and I have to say that in my books, this team ranks as probably one of the most enjoyable bunch of athletes to work with. Not only they're great hockey players or great athletes, but they're unbelievable human beings.

Bob Hartley (Upstart Flames earn date in Disneyland - April 26)

If we win on Sunday, we're in a really good spot... I'm not guaranteeing anything here, just saying...

Mikael Backlund (Flames move focus forward on preparing for Game 2 - May 1), thanks for the hope Mickis

It's a great time of the year. We just have to play as a team, do the best, and enjoy it.

Karri Ramo (Flames Today - May 2), they did, and we did

In front of our fans, we know how crazy it is at [the] Scotiabank Saddledome, so it's going to be great.

... we can't lose at home.

We have a pretty special thing going there with our fans, and got an excited city behind us.

Bob Hartley, David Jones, and Joe Colborne (Flames focused on turning series around at home - May 3), giving us some love

Playing here (in Calgary) is unbelievable, we've got the best fans, so we are all looking forward to being home. Just being in that building helps bring everyone's level up another degree.

Our fans will be at the rink early tomorrow, and they're going to start chanting. We are going to hear them from our locker room. We know the atmosphere that there's going to be at our rink. It's up to us to take advantage of that energy and build a solid momentum.

David Jones and Bob Hartley (Flames Today - May 4), the Flames and the fans - a relationship that feeds off each other

That was something I've been dreaming of... It was an amazing feeling. It's hard to describe.

Mikael Backlund (Backlund's board jump caps Calgary's Game 3 comeback - May 6)

There's no words anymore to talk about this group. They never quit. We keep believing.

Bob Hartley (Five Takeaways: Game 3 - May 6), and we kept believing

Special. He's special. He's a special young man.

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - May 6), on Johnny Gaudreau. We couldn't agree more

I think we grew as a group. We got better every game... it's the most fun I've ever had playing hockey, going back and playing in front of the 'C of Red'.

David Jones (Surprising run ends, value doesn't for Flames - May 11), what's this wet stuff in my eye?


You might bend us, but you're not going to break us.

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - April 29)

So many times, we were left for dead.

Bob Hartley (Flames look to even series in Game 2 - May 2)

This building is our building.

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - May 4)

Shock the hockey world.

Bob Hartley (Flames believe they can 'Shock the hockey world' - May 9), you already did boys

One Last Laugh

These guys deserve a standing O for what they accomplished this season.

Thank you, Flames.