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Flames vs Coyotes [Game #80 Thread]

A Flames win would be in both team's interests. Seriously. This is so important.

This would be a good look all night long!
This would be a good look all night long!
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

What's at stake tonight? Well, the Calgary Flames have no excuse not to win this one. The Arizona Coyotes are the second worst team in the league, and they're not far off from the absolute bottom. If the Flames can't beat them - not to mention complete the season sweep - then they don't deserve playoffs.

Playoff spot rivals Winnipeg and Minnesota both have tough tests tonight - games against St. Louis and Chicago, respectively - but the Los Angeles Kings are a different story. A fellow Pacific team, they're the most direct competition for the Flames, and they're playing the Edmonton Oilers.

And we all know just what quality hockey team the Edmonton Oilers are.

So assume the Kings win (although wouldn't it be AMAZING if they didn't?); the Flames need to beat Arizona tonight in order to stay tied with them for points... And they have the tiebreaker, allowing them to cling to that all-important third Pacific Division spot.

And then the Flames and Kings play each other next game. So. This one's gotta be won, y'know?

Meanwhile, the Coyotes are two points up on worst-place Buffalo with a game in hand, so it's actually pretty important for the franchise - not so much the players, who are going to do their best to thwart everything, but the franchise - to lose. Last place team is guaranteed Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel. That would be pretty big for a struggling organization.

So, go Flames. Lineup should be the same as last game. RIP Tyler Wotherspoon for no apparent reason. Sam Bennett's debut will likely wait for another day.