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Karri Ramo leaves game less than a minute in with lower body injury

Depending on how bad Ramo's injury is, Hiller is the only quality Flames goalie the team has available.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The final Battle of Alberta of the season hadn't even really started when Karri Ramo was forced to leave the game.

Just 58 seconds in, Ramo went down to play an Oilers chance that ultimately ended up going wide. He tweaked something on the way, and was unable to put weight on his leg upon getting up. Ramo needed assistance leaving the ice.

Fortunately, the Flames have a pretty good second option in Jonas Hiller. The 1a/1b system has paid dividends all season, and even with Ramo out, the Flames shouldn't be in trouble with Hiller taking over. Ramo playing the first minute even prevented Hiller from giving up a goal right at the beginning of a game! (That's something that's become a bit of a problem as of late.)

Coming in so early after warming up, Hiller has looked sharp thus far as a replacement. The team doesn't play again until Tuesday, so there may not be any need to worry about Ramo; against a weaker opponent and with a capable goalie still on the bench, pulling him so soon could have been, in parts, totally precautionary. There are only three regular season games after this one as well, and should the Flames make the playoffs, Hiller would be able to handle all starting duties (and, in fact, may have been elected as the team's playoff starter regardless).

The concerning thing here is that if Ramo's season is over, the Flames have no viable backup option. Joni Ortio sustained a high ankle sprain six weeks ago, and was estimated to be out 6-8 weeks. There hasn't been much news on that front.

Jon Gillies is unavailable, as he's led Providence to the Frozen Four. Gillies can't play for the Flames while his college season is still in progress. The Frozen Four takes place on April 9 and 11, which is when the Flames' final two regular season games are. It's highly unlikely he joins the team.

That would leave Brad Thiessen, a guy more known as Pittsburgh's former minor league goalie, as the lone backup option. He played five games for the Penguins back in 2011-12, posting a .858 save percentage.

So basically... hope that Ramo's injury isn't too bad. And pray nothing happens to Hiller.