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Brandon Bollig: Stanley Cup Champion, Calgary

The moment we've all been waiting for. Maybe Brandon Bollig should have pursued his acting dreams?

Long before the dreams and aspirations of becoming a full-time NHL player set in, Brandon Bollig had other dreams. Right at the end of the first intermission of Game 1 against the Anaheim Ducks, Sportsnet dropped this bombshell on fans:

Wow, it's so weird how totally obvious it is that's him, even without the beard. Could he even grow a beard at that age? Probably. Is that why he shaved, so we'd be prepared for actual baby faced Brandon Bollig? So many questions that will probably never be answered.

It's a crime that he wasn't nominated for a best actor award, though, because he definitely earned it. With his acting dreams behind him, Bollig looks to help the Flames overcome an incredible adversary by way of the Ducks by way of grinding it out and being physical on the fourth line. The Flames trail 5-0 right now in the third period.