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Jonas Hiller will be the Flames' starter against the Ducks

Hiller started most of the season, and that isn't about to change.

Todd Korol/Getty Images

Jonas Hiller looked great against the Vancouver Canucks. Sure, there was the odd bad goal, iffy rebound control, and the occasional lapses, but he also held strong throughout five games of the first round playoff series, including singlehandedly saving the Calgary Flames' butts a number of times when the opposition's skaters simply outworked their own.

You'll notice I said five games. That's because Hiller only lasted seven and a half minutes in Game 6, giving up two goals on three shots before Bob Hartley gave him the hook. Hiller's chance to eliminate the Canucks was taken away, and the job fell to Karri Ramo instead.

Ramo was scored on on the first shot he faced, and he was scored on once more, but ultimately stopped 17 of 19 shots.

It makes sense that the starter's job could be up in the air after Ramo ultimately eliminated Vancouver, but it's not: Hartley has confirmed Hiller remains his guy.

Hiller started 44 games during the regular season, but things were close, as Ramo had 32 starts. Ramo was pulled more often, though, and was never shown quite as much trust as Hiller. It makes sense, as Hiller is, overall, the better goalie - although Ramo was certainly capable of putting up impressive performances of his own - and has a much longer record as a starter. After all, Hiller had 350 starts under his belt entering these playoffs over eight seasons, while Ramo just 108 over four years.

Player Season Games played Games started Minutes SV% ESSV%
Jonas Hiller 2014-15 regular 52 44 2871 .918 .927
Karri Ramo 2014-15 regular 34 32 1732 .912 .916
Jonas Hiller 2015 playoffs 6 6 300 .931 .933
Karri Ramo 2015 playoffs 2 0 57 .905 .947

Ramo has played significantly less, and the only time he has a better save percentage is over not even an hour of even strength play: hardly indicative of deserving to start in the second round of the playoffs; not with a better goaltender with more experience available.

And that's without getting into the fact that the Flames are facing the Anaheim Ducks, the team Hiller played for for seven seasons before being let go and joining Calgary in free agency.

That's going to be a whole other story. But you think after an incredible first elimination game, followed up with a poor second elimination game... and now against the team that scorned him, Hiller's motivated to put on a hell of a second round?