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Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks: Round 1 Playoff Quotables

A round-up of some of my favourite quotes from Round 1 of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs.


In the past week and a half, there have been plenty of entertaining words shared between the two teams. From the "Ferklund" mishap to the Calgary Flames and their love for eachother and the C of Red, I've rounded up some of the quotes that made me laugh or feel all fuzzy inside.

Quotes were pulled from the Calgary Flames website, or from Twitter/television coverage.

The Funnies

"I wish I could go to the local pharmacy and buy some experience, but I can't."

"It's not about fear, it's about having fun... Enjoying the moment. ... We didn't get an invitation for this party. We just walked in."

Bob Hartley (First playoff trip for most of Flames roster - April 15), talking about that pharmacy again

"... I always tell them we're going to replace experience with grit and character..."

Bob Hartley (Youth helps serve up victory in Game 1 win - April 15), because that's exactly how that works

"We have the boxer's attitude. I talk about the boxer's attitude a lot with our players. You go down, you get back up and you keep going."

Bob Hartley (Flames never let adversity slow their path to playoffs - April 16), lover of metaphors

"You look at every playoff game - it's war. We're not here to make friends, and they're not there to make friends. I don't expect to spend time with any of the Canucks players at the Stampede this summer."

Bob Hartley (Flames top pair ready for physical series versus Vancouver - April 16), too bad, I think Kevin Bieksa and Alexandre Burrows would have a blast

"No, I never thought I'd have to fight two guys at once, but I guess you've got to expect the unexpected."

Deryk Engelland (Flames Today - April 18)

"... Sean Monahan was six years old when the Sedin's got in the league. While Monahan was learning to ride his bike, the Sedin's were starting to play in the NHL..."

Bob Hartley (Morning Skate Report - April 19), I think the experience gap is showing

"Off the ice, he's been a great big brother for all our young players."

Bob Hartley (Hudler honoured by Lady Byng Nomination - April 21), I THINK YOU MEAN PAPA, BOB

"I just assumed they were yelling Miller instead of Hiller... I'll just imagine it if they call Hiller in Vancouver, it's going to be Miller."

Jonas Hiller (Hiller key as Flames eye advancing - April 22)

"I think I realized I used up all my goals from that other beard anyways, so it's time to start a new one. Luckily, I think, in a couple hours, I'll have a better beard than most of these kids anyways."

"Found a couple of scars I didn't realize I had. I found a pencil in there from grade school. It was nice to find a couple surprises."

Brandon Bollig (Flames Today - April 22), on his 'trimmer malfunction'

"I know it's fun for our group to see our captain get on the ice. It's probably more intriguing for you guys... I'm sure Twitter is going."

Bob Hartley (Hartley provides update on Giordano's status - April 23), he knows how we operate guys

"We're sitting at the table and we are playing the cards that we feel is going to get us the jackpot."

"Our guys are well-conditioned. We don't draft our players from nursing homes."

Bob Hartley (Five reasons the Flames advanced to second round - April 26), another metaphor, and some insight into the Flames' scouting

The Fuzzy Feelings

"I love my team, I love my players, and I'm having lots of fun and I want to enjoy this ride."

Bob Hartley (Flames never let adversity slow their path to playoffs - April 16)

"I'll do whatever I can for these guys, I'll stick up for my teammates."

Michael Ferland (Game 3 Player to Watch: Michael Ferland - April 18), welcome to the family, kid

"A lot of teams have their fans get behind them, but very few cities get behind their team like Calgary does. ... We have the best fans in the league and they're going to show it tonight."

Hometown boy, Joe Colborne (Morning Skate Report - April 19)

"Players were walking in before the game and they were already commenting on fans outside. We were in the locker room and we could hear them - 'Go Flames Go.' It was unbelievable."

Bob Hartley (Five Takeaways: Game 3 - April 20)

"We're a family. I think we're bigger than a team, we're a close family. We all care about each other, we always pick up each other. For me it's not surprising. I'm very impressed, but I'm not surprised."

Bob Hartley (Flames Today - April 20)

"My message to him was very simple: As a coach, we all care about careers, but I'll take it further with you; I care about your life. I don't believe you can have a career if you don't have a life."

Bob Hartley (Ferland enjoys success one year into sobriety - April 20), on how he helped Michael Ferland

"This community has lots of grit, lots of character, and I think we look like them and they look like us. That's why we're one. I can't tell you how proud I am to be a Calgary Flame. I honestly hope that this is my last stop. I hope that I retire as a Calgary Flame."

Bob Hartley (Flames preach respect on 'Red Mile' - April 24)

"It gives you energy. You come out and you get those little shivers, standing on the ice before the game starts. ... With that passion that they have, you want to do it for them and find a way for the outcome you want."

Sean Monahan (Morning Skate Report - April 25), thanks boys

"It's exciting to be a part of a team like this with the fans behind you. It's hard to lose games when you've got people cheering like that for you every game."

Johnny Gaudreau (Five Takeaways: Flames vs Canucks - Game 6 - April 26), hard not to cheer like that when they're playing like they have been

Last but not least... The Geniuses we call the Canucks

"I think [the series] has shown an edge."

Willie Desjardins (Canucks Morning Skate Report - April 21), that's like calling a cougar a house cat

"A great start usually means you're playing well."

Jannik Hansen (Canucks Morning Skate Report - April 21), oh boy, great insight

"They know the game as well as we do."

Bob Hartley (Morning Skate Report - April 23), see above quote from Henrik Sedin to prove this point

"I think the key part is the start. The crowd is going and it gets them going, so you want to take the wind out of their sails a bit and turn the momentum to our favour. That crowd, if things don't go their way, the crowd will quiet down a little bit."

Luca Sbisa (Canucks Morning Skate Report - April 25), worked out well, didn't it?

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