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Calgary Flames Series Win: Sights and Sounds from the Dome and Red Mile

Didn't make it out last night? Live the experience through my lens.


Having the playoffs back in Calgary has really rejuvenated a city that was floundering in low oil prices and job cuts. Looking around, all you see is red, the Flaming C, and cheery people ready to support the Flames.

The team did not disappoint – clinching the first series win since the legendary 2004 cup run. With a riveting 7-4 game at that.

After a disappointing 3-0 start against the much-hated rivals – the Vancouver Canucks – one may have expected faces in the crowd to be long. But Calgary fans know better than that – the first period wasn’t even halfway over!

For those asking how the atmosphere in the Dome was (hint: it wasn’t quiet):

There has been a lot of preaching about being respectful to all fans lately. And while I don’t condone booing a single fan on their way to the bathroom, I am completely behind heckling the other players, especially the goalie.

Just like the "Eddie" chant, "Miller" rang through the crowd. At one point, even the organist got into it, playing two notes to the beat of the chant.

#NeverQuit – as cheesy as it is, it was a perfect motto for last night’s game, and the Flames’ season in general.

As the Flames tied it up at 3, and proceeded to end the second period down by only one goal, the crowd really got into it. No one was giving up on the Flames.

All we needed was two fathers. Papa Huds and Matty Franchise. They know just how to make us happy.

Case in point: this was the crowd after Jiri Hudler’s tying goal:

And no one will begrudge a couple of empty netters. Especially when that means driving the stake into the Canucks, once and for all.

In case you couldn’t make it out to the game last night, and I’m not sure what they showed of the end on TV, relive the celebration here. The video is a bit long, but it covers everything from the end of game horn, to the handshake, to the three stars. Be sure to take a look at the jumbotron to see some great fan reactions and more at the Dome.

It was finally time to revive the Red Mile. The past week, it had been great, but not up to par with 2004.

With the Calgary Police putting parking bans into effect for every remaining Flames game (along 17th Avenue SW, from 2nd Street to 14th Street SW – from 7pm to 5am), the masses were finally able to run free through the streets.

This was just as I was getting to 2nd St SW, passing the police barricade. Hear the guy saying "This is it"?

This is all I’ve wanted since 2004.

Walking along with the crowd, hands up and ready to receive high fives.

Chanting along with the masses. Yelling at the top of my lungs until my throat was raw.

It was amazing.

With the ‘Heart of the Red Mile’ up in the air since Melrose has closed down, it looks like the corner of National on 17th and the Shell gas station may take over.

If you live in Calgary, or will be visiting during a Flames game, I highly recommend throwing on anything you own in red (not mandatory) and heading to the Red Mile at least once. It’s too good to miss.

And as the fans are saying:

F the Nucks, Bring the Ducks!

On to Round 2!