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Hiller pulled after two goals on three shots in first period.

Things are not looking so hot here as Jonas Hiller was pulled and Karri Ramo was sent in to relieve the goaltender.

Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Looking to build off the incredible performance from game five, Jonas Hiller didn't have the best of starts in a game were the team counted on him most. The Canucks took advantage of a perfect rebound as Brandon McMillan made it 1-0.

Following that, a turnover on the power play sent the Canucks up ice as Jannik Hansen used a crucial screen at the right moment to make it 2-0.

Jonas Hiller's night ended with a .333% SV unfortunately as Ramo came in to play the rest of the game. The Flames currently trail Vancouver 3-1 heading into the second period thanks to Michael Ferland.