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Game 5 Stats Recap - Sedins Dominate Flames

The Flames started strong, scoring a goal and hitting a post in the opening five minutes, but fell back on their heels and buckled underneath Vancouver's pressure.

The dance continues.
The dance continues.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames fell 2-1 to the Vancouver Canucks, who force a Game 6 at the Saddledome on Saturday night. Ultimately the Flames could not contain Daniel and Henrik Sedin, who converted many of their shot attempts into scoring chances.

The Shot and Scoring Chance Battle

The Canucks (blue) won the shot attempt and shots on goal battle, but the Flames (red) had a slight edge in scoring chances. This trend is a big reason why the Flames are able to succeed with low Corsi (shot attempt) numbers, but it wasn't enough last night.

5v5 Shot Chart

Player Contribution Rankings

Player contribution numbers tell us exactly who was involved in generating shots and scoring chances. There are three types:

  1. Shot Attempt Contribution (SA-Co): This is the total number of shot attempts a player contributes to, either as the shooter or the primary or secondary passer to set up the shot.
  2. Shot on Goal Contribution (SOG-Co): This is the total number of shots on goal a player contributes to, either as the shooter or the primary passer.
  3. Scoring Chance Contribution (SC-Co): This is the total number of scoring chances a player contributes to, either as the shooter who takes a shot from the home plate scoring chance area, or as the primary passer who sets up the shooter in the scoring chance area.

The graphs below rank all players for each contribution type at 5v5 (players who didn't contribute are not included). Bars are colour-coded by team.

Shot Attempts

The Sedins contributed to a lot of them. We saw Henrik and Daniel at the top of this chart in Game 4 too, but these are some of the highest shot attempt contributions I've seen since I started tracking this data. Allowing the Sedins this much play in the offensive zone is a recipe for disaster.

Shots on Goal

Surprise, surprise. The twins were also the top two contributors to shots on goal. Mikael Backlund and Johnny Gaudreau led the way for their respective lines, but were they dangerous opportunities? (See scoring chances below.)

Scoring Chances

Not particularly. The top line of Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, and Jiri Hudler contributed to only one scoring chance apiece. One major reason for this is the matchup battle, which Bob Hartley can't control on the road. On home ice the Flames' head coach has avoided matching his top line against the Sedins, but this is precisely the matchup Willie Desjardins went for last night. It isn't too hard to see who benefits.

Sam Bennett continues to generate quality scoring chances. In this series he's consistently been one of the most dangerous Flames. What Bennett has brought to his team as an 18-year old with six games of NHL experience is incredible. Now he has to bear down on his opportunities - he's missed a few shots from in close trying to pick the top corner.

Other Notes

Josh Jooris had a solid game offensively, contributing to five shot attempts and three scoring chances. He does this from time to time, in between quiet bouts.

Canucks rookie Bo Horvat continues to impress. He's been contributing all series with limited ice time.

The Calgary Flames' powerplay went 0-for-3 on the night. Two of those powerplays came in the third period when the Flames were looking to tie the game, but in those four minutes they were only able to generate four shot attempts and two scoring chances.

Jonas Hiller had a strong performance. Nine of Vancouver's 15 scoring chances at even strength were shots on goal, and Hiller stopped them all except for Daniel Sedin's rebound goal in tight. On the penalty kill the Flames netminder stopped six shots, one of which was a scoring chance.

For what it's worth, ex-Flame Sven Baertschi was a non-factor.

The war-on-ice shot plots

Note that the NHL's location data has a lot of error. For example Bonino's goal was scored outside the scoring chance area, unlike what's shown on the plot.



Still of Bonino's goal, to compare to plot.

Questions or comments about the stats I track? Let me know in the comments below!