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Game 1 Stats Recap - Flames vs Canucks

Another game, another third period comeback win for the Flames. What else is new?

I scored a goal guys.
I scored a goal guys.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a special edition of the Stats Recap. Instead of looking at traditional stats or the more well-known advanced stats such as Corsi, this recap highlights some of the unique data I collect from Flames games. In essence, I track Corsi assists. For every shot attempt, I record the shooter as well as the primary and secondary passers on the play. This data provides a ton of context to each shot attempt, detailing exactly who was involved in the play. From the data we get the following stats:

Shot Attempt Contribution (SA-Co): This is the total number of shot attempts a player contributes to, either as the shooter or one of the two passers.

Shot on Goal Contribution (SOG-Co): This is the total number of shots on goal a player contributes to, either as the shooter or one of the two passers.

Scoring Chance Contribution (SC-Co): This is the total number of scoring chances a player contributes to, either as the shooter who takes a shot from the home plate scoring chance area, or as the primary passer who sets up the shooter in the scoring chance area.

The Calgary Flames at 5v5

Player SA-Co SOG-Co SC-Co
Schlemko 5 3 0
Russell 9 2 0
Wideman 11 4 1
Brodie 6 2 1
Potter 3 1 0
Engelland 2 2 1
Colborne 5 2 1
Backlund 5 2 0
Gaudreau 12 6 3
Stajan 7 2 1
Monahan 4 1 2
Hudler 8 3 2
Bollig 3 2 1
Granlund 1 1 0
Bennett 5 3 2
Ferland 7 3 1
Jooris 0 0 0
Jones 9 5 2

As is usually the case (since I've been looking at these numbers game-by-game since January), Johnny Gaudreau led the way in all three categories. He contributed to the most shot attempts, the most shots on goal, and the most scoring chances. I don't really know what else to say other than Johnny Hockey is sensational. The amount of quality offense the rookie generates is surreal.

Sean Monahan didn't have a great night in terms of offensive contribution, which is rare, but he didn't put up great numbers against LA a couple games ago either. Rumour has it that he's battling an illness, so let's hope that's all it is and that he gets over it quickly.

David Jones put up some of the best contribution numbers I've seen, and he was rewarded with the crucial tying goal with 12 minutes to go in the third. Michael Ferland, who also had a solid night offensively, set up the Jones goal with a nice pass into the scoring chance area.

For playing in only his second NHL contest, 18 year-old Sam Bennett had a whale of a game. Although it doesn't sound like much, contributing to two scoring chances is above average and as far as this game is concerned that puts him on par with the likes of Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Corsi aficionados will also be delighted to hear that Bennett clocked in at 67% (data from Take that Flames.

Kris Russell and Dennis Wideman consistently contribute offensively, and last night was no different. They often pass D-to-D until a shot opens up. The game-winner, scored by Russell with 30 seconds left in the game, was set up by Wideman.

The Vancouver Canucks at 5v5

Player SA-Co SOG-Co SC-Co
Hamhuis 4 1 0
Bieksa 0 0 0
Sbisa 5 0 0
Weber 4 2 0
Tanev 3 1 1
Edler 8 2 0
Bonino 5 3 0
Burrows 8 2 2
Richardson 6 4 0
Vrbata 8 3 1
Higgins 4 3 1
D. Sedin 7 5 2
Matthias 4 0 1
H. Sedin 6 2 2
Hansen 7 1 2
Kenins 6 0 0
Dorsett 5 1 1
Horvat 7 2 1

The Sedins are dangerous. Alex Burrows can be dangerous. Jannik Hansen is good. Radim Vrbata shoots the puck at every opportunity. And unlike the Flames, Vancouver's defensemen—other than Alexander Edler—don't contribute much offensively. I didn't even notice Kevin Bieksa out there, who finished with a dismal 32% Corsi.

Team Stats at 5v5

1st Period Shot Attempts Shots on Goal Scoring Chances
CGY 16 8 0
VAN 16 6 2
2nd Period

CGY 12 7 3
VAN 14 4 2
3rd Period

CGY 22 10 9
VAN 18 9 3

CGY 50 25 12
VAN 48 19 7

The game was incredibly close and headed to overtime if it wasn't for Kris Russell's last-minute goal. The first two periods were tightly checked, as one would expect from a playoff game. However things really opened up in the third in favour of the Flames. Through the first two periods Calgary only had three scoring chances. They generated nine scoring chances in the third. That is why the Flames are headed into Game 2 with a 1-0 series lead.

Questions or comments about the stats I track? Let me know in the comments below!