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The Best of Bob Hartley - 2014/15 Playoff Push Quotables

As the regular season has concluded, let's take a look back at some of Hartley's most entertaining playoff push quotes.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Calgary Flames bench boss Bob Hartley has certainly made news this year. Whether talking about how he broke the season up into seven game segments, that he should supposedly win the Jack Adams Award for what he did with a team that was projected to finish below the Edmonton Oilers, or just laughing at some of the words that come out of his mouth.

It has been a laughable season already, in all the best ways possible. Let's finish it off with some of Bob Hartley's most entertaining quotes from the playoff push (all pulled from the Calgary Flames website).

Coach Obvious/It Doesn't Take a Genius

" thing I've learned in this business is that you can't win games with the players you don't have in your lineup."

Morning Skate Report, March 3 - on the loss of Mark Giordano

"Obviously with seven games left in the season, there is not too many options. We have to win. It's plain and simple. You don't have to be a genius to figure that one out."

Morning Skate Report, March 29 - on not expecting any out-of-town scoreboard help

"I know it's cliché but that's going to be probably my favourite line until the end of this season. It's one game at a time."

Morning Skate Report, March 30 - explaining just one of his many mantras (including "earned, not given" and "everyone's a game time decision")

"Not that I'm a great guy with math or anything, but I knew that by being good in our seven-game segments -- despite the fact that we had that awful one, eight-game slide -- we would be right there."

Flames Today, April 1 - that is how math works Bob

"I don't control the other team. I can only control my team."

Morning Skate Report, April 4 - and here we were thinking the Flames had some voodoo powers

The Fun Stuff

"We're fresh as daisies. ... Yesterday was a good day off and we're fresh.... We feel we're tired, they're going to be tired, we feel that we're fresh, they're going to be flying tonight."

Morning Skate Report, Match 8 - prior to the amazing 4-0 comeback against the Ottawa Senators

"We're fresh as roses. In Ottawa, we were as daisies. Now roses. Plus-16, plus-17 [Celcius in Calgary]. We're blooming."

Flames Today, March 10 - prior to the 6-3 whooping of the Anaheim Ducks. And yes, it was hot in Calgary

"The Pope would be in town and we would still be starting game four of our segment. It's not time to start singing a different tune to our guys, we don't change a thing."

"What I like about our team, what I'm very impressed [with] our players is I don't feel an ounce of pressure or nervousness. They're a bunch of kids going to the circus and they're having fun."

Morning Skate Report, March 11 - reiterating the mindset of the segments and the team

"At the same time, we all know defencemen don't grow on trees."

Morning Skate Report, March 13 - on the reason behind the Douglas Murray PTO

"There's only one way to be a Calgary Flames: buy a full membership. You might get a 10-day trial and after this, you don't get your money way. That's the way we do our business."

Morning Skate Report, March 14 - on the culture and commitment of the Flames. Where do I buy this membership?

"Let's get more juice in our game, let's get more pep and that's what it's going to be because tomorrow is not going to be a picnic."

Flames Today, March 16 - on the atmosphere during the stretch drive

"Win every game. That's our mandate. If we don't, we lick our wounds and the next morning, we go again."

Morning Skate Report, March 21 - on second thought, I don't want that membership

"A hockey team is like a puzzle. Every piece is vital."

Morning Skate Report, March 30 - yet another metaphor

"It's a great schedule. I don't know who made the schedule but this guy has a flair for drama, but at the same time it's great."

Flames Today, April 6 - it was certainly a dramatic schedule to end the season

"You can't go to the pharmacy to buy a pack of experience, you have to be in those games in order to acquire that experience."

Flames Today, April 8 - memberships and pharmacies, oh my!

"Rudolph is one of his dogs and Anna is his newborn girl. She loves Uncle Bob. She had big smiles with me [when] I talked with her. She smiles more than Jiri."

Flames Today, April 10 - on Jiri Hudler's dog and daughter visit to the locker room

A Little Bit of Love

"Off the ice, he's doing a great job with our kids, and on the ice, he's having fun with Johnny and Mony."

Morning Skate Report, March 30 - on Papa Huds and the kids

"Last night, there was electricity in the building once again. Players, after the game, were talking about the standing ovation the fans gave us after the game. I think it's a great relationship we have with our community and our fans and we want to keep growing it."

Flames Today, April 8 - after the Arizona Coyotes game

"Those fans have been unbelievable from Day One. I don't expect anything less; this place is going to go crazy tonight."

Morning Skate Report, April 9 - on the C of Red (see just how crazy the Dome was for the Los Angeles Kings game in my recap)

"Jiri is unbelievable... what he does around Johnny and Mony, they love him. There's always a good balance between fun and business with Jiri."

"I was probably the last guy who left the Saddledome. I'm so proud. It is... a feeling of pride for our players. The fact that we were able to share this with our fans, that made it so much more special."

"... I got goosebumps watching the fans coming out of the Saddledome yelling and cheering. It was pretty special."

Flames Today, April 10 - more love for Papa Huds and the kids, and the C of Red

Last but not least...