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Canucks vs Flames playoff series schedule

Now you'll know exactly what days you need to book off and tell your non-hockey-loving family and friends to just leave you alone or get sucked right in with you.

It's gonna be a good series.
It's gonna be a good series.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames have played 82 hockey games this season, and now, for the first time in six years, they'll get to play some more. The regular season is one thing, but everything gets ramped up in the playoffs, and that includes one's dedication to viewing one's team live.

These are the most important games this team has played in a really, really long time - even more important than that one against the Kings! - so you'll need to know when they all are. After all, you didn't wait so long just to miss a game. Nope.

The Flames' first round series against the Vancouver Canucks will be played on the following days, at the following times:

Game # Date Location Time Channel
1 Wed., April 15 Rogers Arena, Vancouver 8 p.m. MT CBC
2 Fri., April 17 Rogers Arena, Vancouver 8 p.m. MT CBC
3 Sun., April 19 Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary 8 p.m. MT CBC
4 Tues., April 21 Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary 8 p.m. MT CBC
5* Thurs., April 23 Rogers Arena, Vancouver 8 p.m. MT CBC
6* Sat., April 25 Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary 7 p.m. MT CBC
7* Mon., April 27 Rogers Arena, Vancouver TBD CBC

Basically: every other day, at 8 p.m. MT, you're going to want to have your television on CBC. That's very doable and easy to keep track of, eh? Feel free to bookmark this page; we'll update the times for games five, six, and seven should they become necessary right here.

Now for the bad news.

"There's bad news? Um, the Flames are in the playoffs. There is no bad news." Well, no, sir or ma'am, there actually is.

Jim Hughson is calling the series.

I repeat: noted Canucks homer Jim Hughson is calling a playoff series involving the Vancouver Canucks, and we've just been caught in the crossfire. This really is so, so, so far from optimal, and we don't deserve this after waiting so long to see the Flames back in the playoffs.

I mean, the good news is, of course, we get to see the Flames in the playoffs again, and you can't really put a damper on that.

As much as I'm sure Hughson will try to.

The brighter side of things? Should the Flames eliminate the Canucks, well...

He tries to keep it together, but man, it's not working. There's that waver in his voice that betrays emotion. And then just total silence. And then more sadness. It's very sad and I hope to hear it several times.

Anyway, ugh. Rick Ball called Flames games all season, and guess what? Before that, he called Canucks and BC Lions stuff. It's almost as though he has a lot of familiarity with both teams and both fanbases. It'd make too much sense to put him here, though, so instead he's calling the Tampa Bay/Detroit series.

Craig Simpson will partner with Hughson, and Scott Oake will be the in-game host and reporter, so maybe we can manage to squeeze some After Hours-style stuff out of him, like that time Jiri Hudler brought Johnny Gaudreau pizza.

You'll also be able to catch the entire series on OMNI in Punjabi! Harnarayan Singh, whom you can occasionally find doing Punjabi features on the Flames site (not to mention the usual Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi broadcast) will have the call, with Randip Janda and Bhupinder S. Hundal on as analysts.

If you can't watch, Derek Wills and Peter Loubardias will have your call on the radio on the Fan 960, as per usual.

This is one of two all-Canadian matchups this year, and there's a lot of history between these two teams. Especially when they get into the playoffs together, as the winner of the first round series has a tendency of making it to the Final. The last time this happened was in 2004, and that was pretty great. Martin Gelinas is even on the bench, so if the Flames ever needed anyone to teach them how to score series-winning goals...

Go Flames! It all kicks off on Wednesday.