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Flames at Stars [Game #77 Thread]

Gaudreau should do some of this tonight.
Gaudreau should do some of this tonight.
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames probably won their biggest game of the year last night as they downed the Nashville Predators five to two last night. Unfortunately for them, the N.H.L. schedule makers decided that they should have to jump on a plane, fly from Nashville to Dallas and have to do it all over again the very next night.

Schedule losses are never good. Schedule losses at this time of year are awful and the N.H.L. should do everything they can to get rid of them. Statistically there's a good chance that the Flames lose this game. Teams that played the day before are always handicapped against teams that play fresh. In addition to that, teams at home have between a 14 and 15 percent greater chance of winning.

So thanks for this one N.H.L. Please stop these games. They're bad for the fans and they're bad for teams. Hopefully the Flames pull this one off.