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Flames vs. Avalanche [Game #73 Thread]

Colorado's less evil goalie pictured here.
Colorado's less evil goalie pictured here.
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames are coming off of a bump in the road after losing to the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets in overtime. The loss hurt their playoff chances a wee bit, though not nearly as much as it would have with a regulation loss. Jarome Iginla and the Colorado Avalanche aren't quite out of the playoff picture just yet and will be looking to get two points of their own (they're basically dead though).

At the moment the Los Angeles Kings are beating the New Jersey Devils and the Flames need a win to keep pace. The Minnesota Wild are beating the Toronto Maple leafs as well and the Winnipeg Jets have a pretty good chance of defeating the lowly Edmonton Oilers. Hey, at least the Ottawa Senators are taking care of the San Jose Sharks (again, they're basically dead though)!

By the way, the Avalanche rank 29th in Corsi difference, Fenwick difference and shot difference per game, so if the Flames lose the possession battle then expect the recap to be delayed as we collectively down our sorrows with ice cream.

7:00 PM M.S.T.
Radio Network Arena Network Radio
CFAN 960 RSNF Scotiabank Saddledome Alti KDCO 94.1
League Value Metric Value League
20th 54.9% Points Percentage 58.3% 16th
29th 13.64% Power Play Percentage 19.31% 10th
6th 84.62% Penalty Kill Percentage 80.37% 23rd
23rd 98.26% Combined Special Teams 99.68% 18th
21st -.166 Goals +/- per 60 Minutes (All) .274 12nd
20th 2.5 Goals for per 60 Minutes (All) 2.8 6th
20th 2.7 Goals against per 60 Minutes (All) 2.6 17nd
14th 50.9% Faceoff Percentage (All) 47.7% 26th
15th .055 Penalty +/- per 60 Minutes (All) .958 1st
29th -15.07 Corsi +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -13.10 28th
29th -9.96 Fenwick +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -7.14 27th
29th -5.50 Shot +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -4.45 25th
3rd 101.99% P.D.O. (5V5 - Unadjusted) 101.21% 5th
3rd 8.79% Shooting Percentage (5V5 - Unadjusted) 8.69% 5th
9th 92.61% Save Percentage (5V5 - Unadjusted) 92.15% 18th
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