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TRADED: Curtis Glencross to the Washington Capitals

Trade call hasn't happened just yet per many reports but it looks to be done as the pending UFA forward heads to America's capital in hopes of maybe winning a trophy or something.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The wait and see approach of Flames general manager Brad Treliving has paid off today as veteran winger Curtis Glencross was dealt to the Washington Capitals in exchange for a second AND third round pick in 2015.

As the market place continued to dry-up on middle-six talent, the Flames managed to get what appears to be an over-payment. It's important to note the all-over-the-place values on the following deals that Glencross falls into.

Player Dealt to In return
Jiri Tlusty Winnipeg 2016 3rd Round Pick
Daniel Winnik Pittsburgh Zach Sill, 2015 4th Round Pick, and 2016 2nd Round Pick
Antoine Vermette Chicago Klas Dahlbeck and 2015 1st Round Pick
Sean Bergenheim Minnesota 2016 3rd Round Pick

All in all, it's a fantastic return for this year's draft as both picks are in this year's deep draft (as the scouts say). Props to Brad Treliving for keeping this quiet and surprising us all on a slightly tense Sunday right before the deadline.

What the Capitals are getting?

via Dom Galamini (@MimicoHero)'s HERO Charts

So from this visual we can confirm a few important things that definitely match what we know about Glencross:
  • He's been performing at an optimal third-liner in the NHL. Though he has been producing goals per 60 minutes of play at a strong second-liner level.
  • Due to the depth issues over the last few years we see that his TOI has been above where it should be for a player of his skill-set.
  • Biggest drawback? Numbers AGAINST him - which is an eye-sore. Outside of that, he's an optimal third-line guy who can slot up on the second line or second PP unit.
Stats and Advanced Stats (ES 5v5 All Situations) for 2014-2015

Goals Assists Points CF% Corsi Rel FF% G/60 P/60 PDO SH% GP Salary Age
9 19 28 44.5 0.4 44.5 0.5 1.3 102 9% 53 2.5M 31

Washington is getting something to help their middle-six and solidify more of a foothold in the Eastern standings. His inconsistencies and injury proneness are something of serious consideration; and topic of contention among Flames fans for years. Overall if he stays healthy, can contribute on a very strong Capitals team, and earn himself a contract in Washington -- it'll work out good for them.

With no talks that went anywhere and the discussion prior to the season that he wouldn't take the hometown discount, this was only a matter of time. Unlike last year's unfortunate lack of return for Mike Cammalleri, this year's return is exactly what we needed.

It seems reasonable Glencross will make his Capitals debut against the Blue Jackets on Tuesday in Columbus. Now let's see what else Treliving can do for this team. With Mark Giordano on the IR until at least Wednesday, the team is entering the crossroads of what to do with the season.

Are we a playoff bound team all too early or are the underlying numbers of the team starting to show on a team often regarded as over-performing?