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Matchsticks and Gasoline sign two rookie bloggers

Thanks to everyone who submitted writing samples and were interesting in helping us with our work loads. We're really pleased to announce we have added two very great writers who want to help grow M&G.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last week, we've been looking over the writing samples submitted via fanpost, email, and through Twitter. We're really happy with the turnout from everyone who expressed desire of helping us out. This season, as you can see Ari and I for most games have been shouldering the bulk of the content here.

It shouldn't go unsaid that Les doing gamethreads and Adkmac covering the AHL Adirondack Flames have been extremely crucial to our success this season. They're sticking around and I probably owe them many beers for going out of their way to contribute.

So, who did we add?

First off, as part of our goal of creating more and more equal voices in the blogging community we added two extremely talented women to our staff. More parity and equal representation of the blogging community is incredibly crucial to growing the community itself.

So let's start with Angelica covering the Calgary Inferno. It was one of the asks initially when we put the call out to add more writers. We're really happy with what she is doing bringing more attention to the CWHL and we hope everyone is enjoying the content.

Sydney is the next writer we've added for covering the Flames. She's been an active reader of M&G for awhile and pretty active with us on Twitter over the last few months. So we're very happy to bring her onto the team and get her started. Look forward to seeing recaps, analysis, and opinion pieces from her in the near future.

Finally, last but not least we've added Chris (ctibs) for more Flames coverage. He's a regular commenter here and has quite a strong knowledge base on analytics, hockey, and just about everything else. I don't know much about him beyond that. He seems cool I guess.

Moving Forward

Once again, we want to thank everyone who submitted content. We encourage everyone to continue doing fanposts and their own analysis. This is a Flames community site after all. Depending on how things go with work-life balance for all of us, we may be looking to add more writers in the future.

We want to take the chance of utilizing the fanpost section as much as possible for fostering growth in the Flames blogging community. A lot of great people get their starts doing fanposts and find a platform to share great thoughts and opinions that way.

We're extremely grateful for everyone reading and sticking with us - even if for the most part it's been a two-three person operation so far. It's been a busy season so far with the performance of the Calgary Flames and we're ramping up for the final few months of the season. Oh, and the potential playoff race the Flames find themselves in.

Please give our new members some love and welcome to them to the Matchsticks and Gasoline family!