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News On Fire: How The West Was Won

Calgary Flames updates and news from the world of hockey.

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Today's Flames

Catch up on the last Flames win against the Boston Bruins in the M&G game recap

And you can vote for your favorite players in the M&G Rate The Flames

Oppositions Bench

Catch up on the Flames up-coming opponent, the San Jose Sharks with their latest game recap, before they visit the Saddledome on Tuesday, December 8th. Updated information on the Sharks can be found at

Last Nights Scores

Boston Bruins 4 @ Vancouver Canucks 0

Tampa Bay Lightning 4 @ San Jose Sharks 3

Washington Capitals 1 @ Winnipeg Jets 2 (OT)

Pittsburgh Penguins 3 @ LA Kings 5

NY Islanders 2 @ Ottawa Senators 3 (OT)

Nashville Predators 4 @ Detroit Red Wings 5 (OT)

Montreal Canadiens 2 @ Carolina Hurricanes 3

Toronto Maple Leafs 4 @ St. Louis Blues 1

Columbus Blue Jackets 4 @ Philadelphia Flyers 1

Colorado Avalanche 0 @ Minnesota Wild 3

Other Hockey News

2016 NHL All-Star Fan Vote (

Brandon Prust Spears Brad Marchand In The Nuts (

Board Of Governers To Talk Expansion, Rule Changes (

Today's Discussion

Is the Flames slump over? And will this be enough to make playoffs?