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Rate the Flames vs Boston Bruins (5-4 OTW)

How was it for you?

Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Dougie Hamilton's first game against his former owners ended with victory for his new employers as they beat the Boston Bruins 5-4 tonight in overtime at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

The Flames took an early two-goal lead through Johnny Gaudreau and Mark Giordano, before one each from Zdeno Chara and Brad Marchand brought the Bruins level.

Within seconds of Marchand's leveller, the Flames were back in front through Gaudreau again, before Chara got his second to level the game. All of those three were within 46 seconds.

The game then proceeded to quiet down after that, until the last minute. Dougie Hamilton gives away a penalty shot which Marchand converts. Then the Flames do the thing, and Jiri Hudler equalises with 1.2 seconds left.

So to 3-on-3, and we know what happens. Johnny Gaudreau scores the winner.

Anyway, the recap is coming soon. Tell us what you thought of the Flames tonight. Missing a defenceman, losing a forward early on, how did it affect them? Did they get the result they deserved? Who impressed you the most? Let us know.

Usual drill, thumbs up for those you like, down for those you didn't.

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