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Sitting on a lead: Flames vs. Stars stat recaps

History repeats itself

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember what happened the last time the Flames met the Stars in Dallas? Basically, the Flames took a two goal lead into the third against a high-scoring Dallas team, who peppered them with shots but ultimately, couldn't pull out the victory. Here's how the corsi chart looked that night:

And here's how tonight's corsi chart looked:

Corsi charts

As always, from

All situations

A near spitting image! Of course, context is crucial. In the 5-3 game, both teams were fighting for their playoff lives. The loser would essentially be eliminated from the race. Down by two entering the third, Dallas did all they could to stay in the game. The Flames didn't want to risk anything, so they sat back, resulting in this chart.

Conversely, this team has always been bad at puck possession and that has never changed. I'm leaning with this option. (Though they are improving! The 5-3 game, they were outpossessed in the third 45-7 in corsi. In this game, 40-10. Baby steps).


Though if you can say one nice thing, all goals came at even strength. What, did you expect the powerplay to score?

5v5 score adjusted

Shot Plot


Goals are in red. Misses are in black. Blocks are in green. Saves are in blue.
Rush attempts are larger and italicized.
Rebound attempts are larger.

See above video.

Individual Corsi Chart

Data from

Mason Raymond 52.17 66.67 20.00 42.86
Micheal Ferland 46.88 20.00 46.88 20.00
Joe Colborne 45.10 64.29 34.21 37.50
Johnny Gaudreau 44.23 88.89 33.33 75.00
TJ Brodie 43.10 43.48 42.22 40.00
Mark Giordano 42.86 43.48 40.91 40.00
Josh Jooris 41.67 22.22 45.45 33.33
Dougie Hamilton 40.00 54.55 28.57 37.50
Sean Monahan 38.30 54.55 30.95 57.14
Jiri Hudler 36.67 40.00 24.00 25.00
Matt Stajan 36.59 26.67 38.46 27.27
Kris Russell 35.94 50.00 28.30 33.33
Sam Bennett 34.62 40.00 19.05 25.00
David Jones 30.00 44.44 30.00 44.44
Dennis Wideman 22.73 25.00 18.75 25.00
Mikael Backlund 21.05 42.86 28.57 42.86
Markus Granlund 16.67 25.00 21.05 25.00
Deryk Engelland 15.79 33.33 15.79 33.33

The Good

  • I'm tempted to say "nothing", but Josh Jooris showed why he should probably not be a healthy scratch. I know the roster is crowded, and I know that I don't have to rage about Bollig being included, but I'm sure he should be used more often than Joe Colborne.
  • Micheal Ferland is still a gem
  • Hudler's even strength CF% matches his jersey number! That's neat...

The Bad

  • ...but that is also very bad
  • Raymond and Colborne look good, until you remember their inexplicable use on the powerplay brings up their all-situations corsi

The Ugly

  • Everything is. I'm happy they won, but they really can't keep caving in like this. Remember that ugly word "unsustainable"? This is it.
Personal Plea: please evenly distribute ice-time

Joe Colborne should not be the second most played forward. Sam Bennett and Mikael Backlund should not be in the bottom three.

Up next:

The Flames play the Blues, which didn't go so well last time. Here's to hoping.