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A Calgary Flames Surprise At Novice Hockey

Two Flames players, Johnny Gaudreau and Sam Bennett, made a special visit to a novice hockey team in Calgary

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard being an NHLer at times. But, as Johnny and Sam proved lately, playing against a talented novice team isn't as easy as it seems as well.

Johnny Gaudreau and Sam Bennett took to the ice with a group of novice hockey players during practice recently and the smiles from everyone involved made me truly appreciate, as a hockey mom and hockey fan, what the Flames do for their community.

Most kids dream of becoming professional hockey players and to be able to play with two Calgary Flames players must have been something they will never forget.

Impressionable Moments:

Johnny stick taps on the players shins

Parents lined up along the boards to get pictures and videos of their favorite Flames players

Massive grins on the novice players faces

Sam having more fun that most of the kids - he's got a sense of humor that never quits

Not being able to score on the goalie at the beginning of the video

Sam staying humble and remembering his time in minor hockey

Unforgettable Quotes:

Sam Bennett, "are those push-ups? Are you allowed to do that??" *after hearing a puck ring off something in the arena*

Sam Bennett, "you guys are too good for me!" *after having the puck stolen off his stick*

Johnny, "who's a number 13 on the team? 13, what's up with that?" *after one of the minor hockey players mentions there's no player that wears number 13*

Sam, "tell me who you're favorite player is." Player, "Johnny Gaudreau." Sam, "Johnny Gaudreau? I'm your second favorite? Figures. Shouldn't have brought Johnny - everyone loves him more." *coach chuckling in the background*

Here's the video from the Calgary Flames website.