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Travis Hamonic wants to leave the Isles; could the Flames be takers?

A good defenceman is on offer? Well, why not?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Per Elliotte Friedman:

Very quietly, the New York Islanders are trying a manoeuvre a difficult situation — the possibility of trading Travis Hamonic.

Now, Hamonic is the exact sort of player the Flames should be looking at. Again, thanks to Friedge (full story at this link - New York Islanders trying to trade Travis Hamonic -

There’s a ton to like about this player. He’s a right-hand shot, top-pairing defenceman with four years remaining on a good-value contract. The average annual amount is $3.857 million, although the actual dollars will be $4.875 million beginning in 2016-17.

A very good defenceman, right-handed, on a low contract for the next four years. There should be lights flashing in Brad Treliving's office right now. What's more, it's Hamonic that wants the move, according to Darren Dreger.

The only issue could be what the Islanders want in return. Again, according to Friedman:

Several sources indicate [NYI GM Garth] Snow is not interested in a picks or prospects type of return. He’s looking for equal-level replacement.

There may well be the problem for the Flames. Who would be an equal-level replacement? You'd think T.J. Brodie would be off the table. After what was given away to obtain Dougie Hamilton, he probably isn't up for grabs either, and Dennis Wideman and Kris Russell aren't anywhere near Hamonic's level, but what about Mark Giordano, who is about to get a pay rise for his six-year retirement run? Equal level (arguably), younger, and cheaper. The idea of moving the captain is a big one, but one that might be worth the risk.

You're going to see a lot of posts on SB Nation about how and why a team should go for Hamonic. The fact so many teams would give up a lot for him shows how good he is. Plus, for his level, he's pretty cheap.

If Treliving was able to make something happen, and find the right package that would appeal to the Isles, this is definitely something that should be considered.

Go do the thing, BT.