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Johnny Gaudreau plays his 100th NHL game tonight

A ton up for Johnny Hockey; here's why he matters

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's game in Chicago sees Johnny Gaudreau rack up his 100th NHL game. In the preceding 99 games, he's accumulated 29 goals and 53 assists for 82 points, at a rate of 0.83 a game. That's some going.

I could tell you where that ranks him amongst all-time Flames rookies, but Darren Haynes has done a much better job of that at this link.

It's amazing how quickly this kid from New Jersey has stepped up and become such a huge cog in the Flames machine, but it's not really surprising when you consider his junior career, how he stayed in college despite calls for him to go pro early - proving he clearly has his head in the right place - and how he's constantly been fighting against the "size question" since he was drafted.

He's more than proved he can cut the mustard in the NHL. So what's next?

Hopefully, he continues on the upwards trend. He brings the best out of those who play with him, and he can create a chance from absolutely nothing. He might not score as often as he'd like, but a lot of that is down to the team-based mindset he has - he is constantly trying to put his teammates in positions to score.

He's definitely the best offensive player on the team, and he'll likely be rewarded as such with a contract to match his ability next summer. Then he'll have to continue proving he's worth it, and you wouldn't bet against him doing so. Then again, maybe you should, so he can continue to prove everyone wrong.

Congratulations on 100, Johnny. Here's to many many more. Johnny Hockey forever, please.