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Rate the Flames: @ Florida Panthers (4-3L)

How'd they do tonight?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Once again it's your chance to tell us which players you like, and which you don't. It's supposed to be in the context of the game but I can only imagine how Joni Ortio gets more thumbs up than Kris Russell even if he doesn't step onto the ice after warm ups are finished.

The Flames fell 4-3 to the Panthers tonight. Jaromir Jagr was inspired, the Flames D? Not so much. There were some bright spots, but ultimately not enough, as the streak ends at two.

You know the drill - thumbs up the good guys, thumbs down the slackers. Who impressed you? Who struggled? How did Micheal Ferland do on his return to the side? You tell us, we want to know!

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