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Flames Quotables: October Edition

Here's what the Flames had to say this October.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Flames got through October a bit battered and bruised, but ended on a Halloween-edition Battle of Alberta win over the Oilers. Here's what they had to say.

All quotes are taken from the Flames website, unless otherwise stated.

Classic Bob

Last night our GPS ran out of batteries.

-Bob Hartley (Flames Today: Flames forward thinking after bump, October 8)

It's unbelievable. He's approaching 35, I think. He's approaching 35 with 21-year-old legs. He's a treat to coach. You teach him once and it's in the computer, it's in the books. He's probably one of the smartest young players that I've ever coached.

-Bob Hartley, on Sean Monahan (Maturity a trademark in youthful Monahan's approach, October 12)

There's lots of life around Frols. You say hello to him and thing that you're in a party. He's having fun and I think that's contagious.

-Bob Hartley, on Michael Frolik (Flames Today: Bouma out indefinitely, October 14)

Basically in the same chair, but the chair has many wheels.

-Bob Hartley, on Michael Frolik's ability to adapt to different positions and situations (Pre-Game Quotes: Flames @ Jets, October 16)

Sometimes in this business, just like in life, you get lessons that are free lessons where you dodge a bullet. Last night we didn't dodge a bullet.

-Bob Hartley, on the loss against the Winnipeg Jets (Morning Skate Report: Flames vs Oilers, October 17)

For me, our major weakness right now is our lack of compete.

-Bob Hartley, a lover of the intangibles (Flames This Week: 19.10.15, October 19)

We're going to split them up for a while. After many years of weddings, a weekend off is good.

-Bob Hartley, on splitting up the top line of Hudreanahan (Flames Today: Calgary looking to reset, October 19)

For many people, being at 85 percent is good enough. Here it's not good enough. Those are not the standards that we've set and now we need to bring them back.

-Bob Hartley (Urgency preaches by slumping Flames, October 19)

I'm sick and tired of the musical chairs. One [goalie] has to make a statement somewhere, plain and simple. You play okay as goalies... it's not good enough. We've been singing the same tune for a short time now, but those guys were good for us last year.

-Bob Hartley, on the three goalie situation (Morning Skate Report: Flames vs Capitals, October 20)

It's not time to throw garbage cans and break sticks on the glass. That's not part of our culture.

-Bob Hartley, on the three goalie situation (Morning Skate Report: Flames vs Capitals, October 20)

Last night, we got booed by our own fans for the first time in a long, long time and deservedly so... This is a great place; this is a great barn. We had so much fun. We have to recapture that fun.

-Bob Hartley (Slump has Flames searching for belief, October 21)

Human beings are hard to read, to figure out. Right now, it's kind of mind boggling.

-Bob Hartley, self-explanatory (Slump has Flames searching for belief, October 21)

Every day, I wake up and I race to the rink because I'm excited to do this job and I'm sure that every other coach is like this... I have a long history with Torts. Cornwall, Rochester, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, over here and Vancouver. We're like spaghetti and meatballs, we were always side by side. It'll be friendlier. He's on the Eastern side and I'm on the Western side.

-Bob Hartley, not hard for it to be friendlier than it was (Flames Today: Ortio patient as goaltending situation plays out, October 21)

Similar in the way they play - they bring some bite, getting in the forecheck, physical presence. Now, you need that from others... Others have to fill the void and take on other responsibility.

-Bob Hartley, on losing Micheal Ferland and Lance Bouma (Pre-Game Quotes: Flames @ Rangers, October 25)

The others

We use each other well - me, Sean, and Jiri - and we've been playing well together. There is a lot of chemistry between us three, so it's been a lot of fun, playing down low.

-Johnny Gaudreau, on Sean Monahan and Jiri Hudler, a.k.a. brother and father (Flamest Today: Bouma out indefinitely, October 14)

There [are] two things we can do about it: piss and moan about [it] or we can go to work.

-Kris Russell, after a disappointing start to the season (Flames This Week: 19.10.15, October 19)

I think trying to not go out there and be a saviour or anything like that. Just go out there and play my game.

-T.J. Brodie, who plays the game of a saviour (Morning Skate Report: Flames vs Capitals, October 20)

Frustration doesn't get you anywhere. It's a lot of wasted calories.

-Brad Treliving (Flames GM Treliving searching for solutions, October 22)

He said don't get too fancy - like I was ever fancy.

-Ladislav Smid knows what kind of player he is (Morning Skate Report: Flames vs Red Wings, October 23)

You could just feel it. We were coming in waves and we didn't let our foot off the gas. That's the way we want to play - we want to push the pace, taking control instead of sitting back and waiting for it.

-Josh Jooris, on beating the Detroit Red Wings (Flames outshot but manage to beat Red Wings in OT, October 24, Calgary Herald)

Canada's Team

Look at the Blue Jays, they went into Texas 0-2, everyone ruled them out, but tomorrow, everyone in Canada is going to be watching baseball.

-Bob Hartley (Flames Today: Bouma out indefinitely, October 14)

That was... gosh. I've watched many baseball games in my life, I've played many baseball games and this is the strangest game I've seen in my life. With almost three brawls and everything, gosh... Jose came up big.

-Bob Hartley, on that gosh dang Game 5 (Dramatic ALDS win leaves Flames with Blue Jays fever, October 15)

It was the talk of the room today and I'm sure it's the talk of the country. It was fun to watch. As a Blue Jays fan, as a low of us [are].

You're going to remember that Bautista home run for sure. He knew it was gone the second he hit it and everybody like that bat flip.


I think it's one of those games that everyone will remember where they were.

-Matt Stajan, well not everybody liked that bat flip (Dramatic ALDS win leaves Flames with Blue Jays fever, October 15)

And a Happy Halloween!