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Rate the Flames: @ Edmonton Oilers

How many will end up with positive numbers tonight?

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

It's not all bad, is it? I mean, there was that one time when, you know? Yeah, that was alright.

Anyway, time for you to perform your duty as doting Matchsticks readers and tell us what you thought of the Flames tonight.

How good was Johnny Gaudreau? Did Karri Ramo earn his keep? How steady was the defence? One a scale of 1-McGrattan, how truculent was Brandon Bollig?

You know how this works by now. Give a thumbs up to the players who put on a good show in your eyes, and give a thumbs down to the ones you want to see benched. I can't promise anything, but I did call Ramo getting sent down, and Monahan being split up from Gaudreau, so I clearly (in no way) have sway over these matters.

We're keeping tabs on who you vote Flame of the Game, so make sure your vote counts towards the eventual M&G player of the year.

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