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News on fire: Saturday October 31st 2015

Not that you'll want to know it, but here's the news

Well of course bloody Paul Byron scored.
Well of course bloody Paul Byron scored.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I thought it was Halloween tonight? Apparently not in Calgary, where the horror show started a night early.

Anyway, here's the news.

Best? of the Flames

M&G recap of that s**tshow

If these Flames make the playoffs, it would be a NHL first (CBC)

Dismal start to season continues as Canadiens whip Flames (Herald)

Hiller to miss at least a week (

Karri Ramo returns after trip to minors (Sun)

The opposition bench

Visit The Copper & Blue to get the lowdown on tonigh't's opponents. A lovely trip to Rexall. Fantastic. Happy Halloween everyone!

Last night's scores

Road Home Score
Flyers Sabres 1-3
Maple Leafs Rangers 1-3
Blue Jackets Capitals 1-2
Avalanche Hurricanes 2-3
Senators Red Wings 3-1
Bruins Panthers 3-1
Blackhawks Wild 4-5
Canucks Coyotes 4-3

Around SB Nation

Stars troll their own fans by playing Nickelback all period (SBN NHL)

William Nylander scores two beauties (PPP)

Today's discussion

Vent. I want to but I'm restraining. Channel your anger about this team and let it out.