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Gamethread #10: Habs @ Flames

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

After Wednesday's positive yet disappointing result against the Senators, the Flames head back home to face the seemingly unstoppable Montreal Canadiens. Winners of their first nine, yet losers of their past two (including last night's 4-3 defeat at the hands of the Oilers, who came from behind down 3-0), the Canadiens are looking to right the ship.

They don't have Carey Price in net, and the Flames don't have Brandon Bollig on the bench, so there's two things working in favour of the Flames. The Canadiens also have seen their underlying numbers slip:

While the Flames are trending in the opposite direction, with three of their last four games being possession wins. The Flames out-possessed Montreal in their two games last year, so hopefully these trends continue. Here's the big fancy table, for more info:

7:00 PM MST
Radio Network Arena Network Radio
690 AM CKGM RVA/City
Scotiabank Saddledome SNF 960 AM CFAC
League Value Metric Value League
2nd 81.8% Points Percentage 25.0% 27th
10th 23.08% Power Play Percentage 14.29% 22nd
6th 87.18% Penalty Kill Percentage 81.25% 14th
4th 110.26% Combined Special Teams 95.54% 21st
1st 1.636 Goals +/- per 60 Minutes (All) -1.865 29th
3rd 3.5 Goals for per 60 Minutes (All) 2.0 26th
1th 1.9 Goals against per 60 Minutes (All) 3.8 29nd
18th 48.8% Faceoff Percentage (All) 46.5% 29th
7th .364 Penalty +/- per 60 Minutes (All) -.393 22nd
5th 5.71 Corsi +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -9.91 29th
4th 5.07 Fenwick +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -6.03 27th
4th 3.83 Shot +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -5.47 28th
16th -.28 Scoring Chance +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -3.60 27th
3rd 105.18% P.D.O. (5V5) 91.76% 30th
8th 8.82% Shooting Percentage (5V5) 5.86% 25th
3rd 94.68% Save Percentage (5V5) 87.04% 30th
The Enemies' Lair
Eyes On The Prize

As always, go Flames go!