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News on Fire 10/30/15

Updates, information, and news from around the NHL.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames take on the Montreal Canadiens at the Saddledome tonight. Here is all the info you need to stay updated on the Flames and other news from around the league. Considering last night's score between the Canadiens and Oilers, Calgary could have a good chance against the Montreal team.

Flames Recap

Calgary Flames vs. Ottawa Senators (M&G)

Rate The Flames (M&G)

Flames, Heat, Thunder make roster moves (M&G)

Oppositions Bench

Canadiens vs. Oilers recap (Habs Eyes On The Prize)

Other scores

Carolina Hurricanes 3 New York Islanders 2 (OT)

New Jersey Devils 4 Philadelphia Flyers 1

Buffalo Sabres 3 Pittsburgh Penguins 4

Colorado Avalanche 2 Tampa Bay Lightning 1

Anaheim Ducks 1 St. Louis Blues 2

Chicago Blackhawks 1 Winnipeg Jets 3

Vancouver Canucks 3 Dallas Stars 4 (OT)

Montreal Canadiens 3 Edmonton Oilers 4

Other News

Canadiens' Paul Byron: Makes Season Debut Thursday (CBS Sports)

Super 16: Los Angeles Kings find line where Lucic clicks (