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Flames @ Senators: Gamethread #10

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, an eighth of the way to the end of the season. It's been a tough first nine games for the Flames, but we must still remember it's early in the season. Anything can happen!

Tonight, they face a tough opponent in the Ottawa Senators, a team that has found the net plenty of times this year. Bob Hartley has chosen to shake up the lines, as per Liam's recommendation. And hey, TJ Brodie might even play! That'd be nice. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the preview for the game.

5:30 MST
Radio Network Arena Network Radio
960 AM CFAC SN1 Canadian Tire Centre TVAS 1200 AM CFGO
League Value Metric Value League
29th 22.2% Points Percentage 50.0% 20th
25th 12.50% Power Play Percentage 19.23% 14th
19th 78.57% Penalty Kill Percentage 78.79% 18th
25th 91.07% Combined Special Teams 98.02% 15th
30th -2.087 Goals +/- per 60 Minutes (All) -.121 18th
28th 1.8 Goals for per 60 Minutes (All) 2.8 9th
29nd 3.8 Goals against per 60 Minutes (All) 2.9 22th
28th 47.0% Faceoff Percentage (All) 52.3% 5th
23rd -.439 Penalty +/- per 60 Minutes (All) -.848 25th
29th -13.44 Corsi +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -2.21 21st
28th -8.97 Fenwick +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -1.59 21st
29th -7.58 Shot +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -3.69 25th
28th -5.82 Scoring Chance +/- per 60 Minutes (5V5 - Score Adjusted) -4.55 27th
29th 91.85% P.D.O. (5V5) 101.40% 12nd
24th 5.15% Shooting Percentage (5V5) 7.95% 16th
30th 87.83% Save Percentage (5V5) 92.96% 15th
The Enemies' Lair

Go Flames Go!