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Rate the Flames: @ New York Islanders (0-4 L)

How did you think the boys did tonight?

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, we ask you lovely readers of Matchsticks and Gasoline for your input.

Tell us who you think stood out for the Flames in their 4-0 defeat at the Barclays Center against the New York Islanders.

Johnny Gaudreau took your vote in last night's game against the Rangers, his forward play and pure genius with a hockey stick standing out to the readers ahead of all others. Derek Grant also scored well, his contributions with Sam Bennett not going unnoticed.

Remember, to vote up a player, give them a thumbs up. To vote them down, give them a thumbs down. The list will re-rank as votes are cast, so if you think a player is undeserved of their spot on the list, give them the appropriate vote and you can influence where they come.

The poll will stay open for two days, so you've got until Wednesday's game in Ottawa to cast your vote on tonight.

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