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Flames place Drew Shore on waivers

With just one preseason game to go, the forward situation is starting to take shape - but there are still too many bodies.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

With an overabundance of waiver-eligible forwards at Calgary Flames camp, something was going to have to give. Whether via trade or exposing their players to waivers, at least a few players would have to go: if not out of the organization entirely, then risking giving them away for free.

The Florida Panthers initially traded Drew Shore away because they feared he would not be able to make their NHL roster, but did not want to give him away for nothing. The Flames returned Corban Knight to them in exchange, but the exact same thing happened to them: Calgary is too deep at centre, and there's no place for Shore.

It's a move that could have gone better, but was a worthy enough gamble at the time. Now, we wait and see whether or not Shore remains a part of the Flames organization, or if another team has decided he's NHL-worthy.

It's no surprise the Flames did not, though. Shore did not stand out during training camp, and was on the bottom end of receiving ice time. His waiving was expected: in a crowded forward lineup (and one he rarely managed to crack throughout the end of 2014-15), he did not do enough to prove he deserved a spot over a handful of other players.

Fourteen waiver-eligible forwards remain at camp, as well as Sam Bennett, Markus Granlund and Garnet Hathaway.