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Flames vs. Sabres [Game #48 Thread]

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames are taking on the ugly, horrible, very bad, atrocious Buffalo Sabres. Keep their fans in your thoughts and hope they win the Connor McDavid sweepstakes because it's bad guys. It's really bad. The Flames will probably lose because I typed this.

7:00 AM M.S.T.
Radio Network Arena Network Radio
WGR 550 MSG Buffalo/Bell TV
Scotiabank Saddledome SNW/Bell TV
CFAN 960
League Value Metric Value League
30th 33.0% Points Percentage 56.4% 17th
30th 9.92% Power Play Percentage 16.46% 23rd
30th 73.75% Penalty Kill Percentage 76.99% 26th
30th 83.67% Combined Special Teams 93.45% 28th
30th 33.33% Goals for Percentage (All) 50.81% 16th
30th 1.75 Goals for per 60 Minutes (All) 2.68 15th
30st 3.49 Goals against per 60 Minutes (All) 2.60 18rd
30th 45.28% Faceoff Percentage (All) 46.95% 28th
28th 46.40% Penalty Percentage (All) 55.65% 1st
30th 36.85% Corsi Percentage (5V5 - Score Adjusted) 44.53% 28th
30th 37.78% Fenwick Percentage (5V5 - Score Adjusted) 45.35% 28th
30th 38.75% Shot Percentage (5V5 - Score Adjusted) 46.61% 26th
23rd 99.36% P.D.O. (5V5 - Unadjusted) 101.01% 6th
20th 7.46% Shooting Percentage (5V5 - Unadjusted) 8.98% 4th
20th 91.90% Save Percentage (5V5 - Unadjusted) 92.02% 17th
The Enemies' Lair
Die By The Blade