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Matchsticks is looking for two writers!

Read below, see directions, and maybe contribute! We want to see more voices in the community here.

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap DING
tap tap tap tap tap tap tap DING
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Do you like the Calgary Flames? Probably. Who the hell doesn't? They're damn exciting to watch this season, rebuild and all. Here's the deal though:

Matchsticks and Gasoline needs some help. Ari and I can't do recaps, analysis, and just about everything else on our own. I work full-time, I've got stuff to do. Ari has a life away from the ol' Internet too. Les, when he's available, helps out. (Hell, he goes out of his way to make sure our Game Threads are up, too!) Oh yeah and we have a colleague covering the Adirondack Flames too.

What we need is a couple of writers. Preferably not your stereotypical white male. Why? Most of the hockey writing landscape is white men. I'm a white dude and I find this a little annoying, so I can only imagine how it feels when you’re on the outside looking in.

But if you're a cis straight white guy who wants to apply, go for it! We’re cool with anyone, as long as you love writing (and are good at it). We just want to emphasize that if you want to talk hockey but feel nobody’s going to listen to you, that’s not true and we’re super interested in you. IDIC – infinite diversity in infinite combinations, and all that.

It wasn't too long ago that we had a pretty strong female writing presence on our site. That's when I first started reading and it made me happy to see a balanced perspective of male and female writers. We want to get that going again.

We want to have a Flames community where fans of different genders, nationalities/backgrounds, and quirks can come together. It’s much more interesting and open that way. We know not everyone who loves hockey is a white guy, and we want our blog to represent that.

Hopefully we can achieve that because it would make a difference.

What we're looking for:

  • Two writing samples. One of a post-game recap or something along those lines. The other: an opinion piece. This can be stats filled if you want or it can be just a detailed piece. It could be based off an observation you’ve noticed this season, a philosophical piece, a retrospective piece. Whatever. We don't care. Get creative! We just want to see what you've got and if you're a fit.

    If you don't feel comfortable submitting to the Fanpost section, you can email Ari or I. We'll provide our emails below.

  • A flexible writing schedule/availability to contribute. Like I mentioned above, I work full-time and have lots going on. Ari doesn't but she still has a life. If you can do something like once a week or twice a week it makes a difference.

  • Comfortable writing and sharing your thoughts with a wide audience. M&G is part of SBNation (VOX MEDIA) and they have some heavy traffic. We do get cross-over traffic from other blogs/sites so we do have a wide range of readers.

  • Enthusiasm. We do this because we like talking about the Flames. This isn’t a chore, we genuinely like staying up late or getting up early just to talk about single-game with or without you stats. (No seriously, we do.) As long as you’re having fun writing about the Flames, we want you on board.
So if you wanna email any submissions, you can reach Ari at or myself  at

Seriously it's a real email, it's just my throwaway.