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A New Era in Ol' Glens Falls


The ink was barely dry on my last post when news hit the airwaves and repeaters that the Abbotsford Heat had been renamed the Adirondack Flames. GM Brad Treliving made it official this morning and by the sounds of it, the good folks of Glens Falls are tickled pink about joining the Flames family.

In naming the team, Calgary stayed true to tradition and simply labelled the team: the Adirondack Flames. A wise choice, classic and true, no hokey nicknames or silly logos. Speaking of logos, what a great idea to resurrect the old Atlanta Flames logo. While the big club has continued to use this mark throughout the years, it will be nice to see it as the main image on the Adirondack sweater. Classic!

Naysayers will point to the fact that Glens Falls is more than a days ride from southern Alberta negating the advantage of quick call-ups from the farm. True, perhaps, but likely offset by the cuts to travel time and costs playing in the AHL's northeastern stronghold.

With Adirondack now booted and spurred, they can now get down to the business of developing the prospects in Calgary's pipeline. Welcome aboard Glens Falls. Saddle up and get ready to ride shotgun with Cowtown!

Go Flames Go!