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Adirondack Flames

Today the Flames organization announced that their AHL affiliate will be the Adirondack.

Clint Trahan

Calgary Flames and GM Brad Treviling have officially announced that the new Flames affiliate will be the Adirondack Flames. They will begin the season in September of this year.

Following the move to Glenn Falls, there was some confusion about the team and what they would call themselves. Today in Glenn Falls the team's head office held a new conference to announce the new team and some details about the uniforms and logo.

John Diamond, the mayor of Glenn Falls had some fond words for the new AHL affiliate.

Retaining the American Hockey League in the region has been our priority for some time. We each fondly recall our relationship with the Detroit Red Wings and most recently with the Philadelphia Flyers. Now it is time to welcome and support our new partner in the Calgary Flames and Brian Petrovek who has made it his priority to keep the AHL here in Glens Falls

- Mayor John Diamond

At the news conference Brad Treviling and John Diamond also said that they will be using the classic "A" from the 1970's Atlanta Flames.