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Stajan and Byron on personal leave

The Flames will run with a somewhat different lineup for the next few games.

Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The Flames announced that Matt Stajan will be missing around three games (the rest of the road trip) today:

Stajan had a leave of absence last month due to the passing of his infant son. In the Toronto Star he credited his "second family" with keeping him going:

"When you play hockey, there's all these guys who you play with and it's like your second family. Coming here with these guys, it's been good for me."

It's never going to be totally okay, but here's hoping the Stajans are doing better. It's hard to know what to say about something like this and the Flames have been very respectful and quiet about it. And of course, Stajan pointing to the heavens after his penalty shot goal in Edmonton was incredibly touching.

Paul Byron is also away from the team for personal reasons with no duration given—his wife Sarah is due to have a baby! All the best to the Byron family for a healthy new baby Flame.

The new lines are listed here; puck drop against Tampa Bay (ugggggghhhhhh) is at 7:00 ET/5:00 MT tonight.