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Calgary Flames at Minnesota Wild: Not So Easy?

A Calgary fan might be mistaken for thinking the Flames are a rested and fresh team ready to take on the giants of the NHL after the post-Olympic win over Edmonton. They would probably be wrong.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

That's not to say Calgary is gonna look awful, but it's important to remember that most teams are not Edmonton.
I could give you lines for this game, but that's boring and you'll see them on the ice anyways, so instead you're in for my patented Very Special Batshit Insane Fantasy Lines:


Hudler - McGrattan - Colborne

I love this first line because you get so optimistic seeing Hudler on the ice, then you see McGrattan and it's like "Fuuuuuck". Colborne is just the mediocre banana to top it off.

Butler - Granlund - Bouma

Bouma and Granlund is a fun combination, but you toss Butler in there and it makes McGrattan on the first line look sane.

Backlund - Backlund - Backlund Monahan I guess.

Dream line right here. You should all be drooling at the thought of two Backlunds and Monahan playing together.

Wideman - Jones - Galiardi

*shoves knife into beer can* *shotguns beer* *smashes can on forehead*


Cammalleri - Russell

I figure these two are of similar size and shape that when GMs are told that Cammi's playing D, they'll confuse him and Russell and Cammi's stock will go up.


Dude's good enough to play alone. The Captaincy is a lonely plateau.

Smid - Byron

I only have this to comment with:

I don't know what Calgary would look like if this happened, aside from hilarious, so I really hope it does happen. I genuinely want to see the Flames play a man down when Gio is on the ice just because. I really want to see a GM get confused about who Cammalleri is and think he can play both forward and defense more than competently and give Calgary a hilarious amount for him. I want sitcom music to play when Smid and Byron are on the ice together.