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Off-GameDay Morning Post

Today in the NHL, eight games will happen. None of these games will involve the Calgary Flames. What is a hockey fan to do?

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Flames took bonus time to take out the Oilers in the 218th matchup between the two. Calgary has 108 wins, Edmonton has 91, and they've tied 19 times before overtime losses were counted. They're both off tonight.

In game one tomorrow, the Philadelphia Flyers play the Capitals in Washington DC as Alex Ovechkin looks to add to his NHL leading 43 goals. The Caps have eight players with over 25 points. The Flyers, in contrast, have no players with more than 19 goals (Claude Giroux and Wayne Simmonds). The puck drops at 10:30 AM.

Two games get started at 1PM. The Florida Panthers play the New York Islanders in Nassau Coliseum. Each team has only won two games out of their last 10. The Devils host the San Jose Sharks in New Jersey as both will be facing off for the third time in four days.

At 2PM, the Vancouver Canucks host the Ottawa Senators for the second time this season. The Canucks find themselves in the rare position of looking up at eight teams in their conference, while the Senators sit in 12th in the East.

The New York Rangers host the Boston Bruins at Madison Square Garden at 5PM. The Bruins look for a return trip to the Stanley Cup Finals, while the Rangers are unexpectedly contending after a slow start.

Three games start at 6PM. The Avalanche host the Tampa Bay Lightning in Colorado, the St. Louis Blues visit the Coyotes in Phoenix, and the Anaheim Ducks host the Carolina Hurricanes.

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