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Flames In Phoenix: Delushious

Hey guys, welcome to the gamethread, go Flames, and here's your nightly wines and pairings.

Ezra Shaw



Malbec- Cabernet Sauvignon- Champagne

Cabernet Blanc- Sparkling Rose- Bordeaux

Tempranillo- Cote Chalonnaise- Dolcetto

Zinfandel- Muscato- Cream Sherry

The first wines are pretty good tonight, but as usual the fourth wines are terrible.


Cheese- Crackers

Bread- Olive Oil

Dion Phaneuf- Elisha Cuthbert

Oh- hey guys, sorry. Someone just told me it's "lines" and "pairs" not wines and pairings, so, uh. Go Flames. I'm sure the Yotes would just look like a lot of tequila anyways.