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USA vs Canada Open Thread

Apparently there's some sort of hockey game today. You can talk about it here if you need to?

Phil Kessel is delightful
Phil Kessel is delightful
Bruce Bennett

Mid-day drinking game for USA vs. Canada!

Take a drink when...

  • The women's gold medal game from yesterday is mentioned
  • The 2010 men's gold medal game is mentioned
  • Someone complains that this isn't a medal game
  • Someone praises Kunitz as a utility player
  • A color commentator gets super nationalist
  • You wish this was a medal game instead of a semi-final game
Take a shot when...
  • Phil Kessel looks awkward
  • Patrick Marleau looks adorable
  • TJ Oshie's hometown is mentioned (Population of 1700!)
  • Phil Kessel or Drew Doughty score a goal
  • Someone praises Kunitz as a utility player (yep, this one's a two-fer)
  • Brooks Orpik finds himself unable to keep up with a Canadian player and takes an awful penalty
  • Chris Kunitz misses the net or really does anything useless (this one'll get you hammered)
  • Someone talks about American players rescuing Sochi dogs
  • A commentator talks about the USA-Canada pick up game the other day
If this doesn't make the game "fun", well, I've failed in my job. Also you probably have alcohol poisoning.