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Flames at Jets: Three questions with Arctic Ice Hockey

The Flames have been in Edmonton, and now it's time for them to visit the other prairie team. We spoke to Arctic Ice Hockey's Tim Bonnar to find out what's up in Winnipeg before tonight's game.

Ondrej Pavelec is off to a decent start to the season.
Ondrej Pavelec is off to a decent start to the season.
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ondrej Pavelec's had his struggles the past few years, but he looks like he's off to a decent start. Is he turning a corner, or is it far too early to tell?

It is too early to tell. He does look far better, but this isn't Ondrej's first hot start and he has had many stretches of above average play. The problem is that he usually follows them up with weeks of atrocious play. Last year for example, Pav had a dominant November. People here were asking the same question. He finished the year with career worst numbers. It will take some time before I am believer. 

2. On the other side of things, the Jets are near the bottom of the league in goal scoring, and have already been shutout twice. Who is Winnipeg relying on for offence? Who's the biggest threat to score?

With Evander Kane out, Bryan Little, Andrew Ladd and Blake Wheeler will be asked to carry the offensive charges. Dustin Byfuglien and Mark Scheifele will also be asked to chip in some offense. That isn't a group of game breakers (Big Buff was as a defenseman), but every one of them is skilled. Wheeler definitely is the most dynamic and most likely to create in the offensive zone. The Jets aren't in a position to be fussy though. One goal in three games has fans and likely the players begging got a goal from anyone.

3. Say Kevin Cheveldayoff makes a player-for-player trade - and the player the Jets acquire stays on the roster. Who would you like to see shipped out, and what position would he target?

Want is tough. I don't know that I want anyone shipped out. Moving Chris Thorburn out so he can't be played on the third line might be the exception. After that, it is about contracts and asset management. Michael Frolik is a pending UFA. Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien (who has been vocal about his desire to return to defense) will be UFAs the year after. If they Jets are going to make a big trade, moving out an expiring asset makes a load more sense than the Kane talk of years past.

Thanks, Tim! For more on the Jets, be sure to visit Arctic Ice Hockey, and don't forget to check out our game preview!