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M&G Off-Game Day Thread

Three games fill the tap on tonight's NHL schedule

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

As the Flames lick their wounds from last night's thrashing and prepare to host the St. Louis Blues tomorrow night, why not take in some action from elsewhere around the NHL?

Game 1, 7:30 PM: The Montreal Canadiens visit the Philadelphia Flyers. This the the third and final meeting this season between the two. They've each pulled one out on their respective home ice. The Flyers are coming off a 5-1 road trip, and the Habs have a three game points streak.

Game 2, 8:00 PM: The New York Rangers will play the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks in Chicago. The first game of two, they'll play again on February 27th in New York. The teams have a combined 17 players headed to the Olympics around this time next month.

Game 3: 9:30 PM: The Colorado Avalanche will host the Senators of Ottawa. In the first game of two, the red-hot Senators (five straight wins) will try to send Colorado to their second loss in a row after a loss to the Coyotes on Monday night.

Tune in, turn on, and drop out! Flames vs. Blues, tomorrow at 7PM MST. In the interim, you can chat here, or click on the name of the team whos blog you'd like to visit and chat there.